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  1. Well ... I probably did a stupid thing and called [email protected] (And recorded) Guy on phone said "The debt you owe is £xxx.xx and that payment is due in full today." Me: "Not possible." Lance: "What we can do is split it up into four payments at £90+ per month." Me: "Not possible." Lance: "Well, you see the account is due in full let me look at your file ... *READS OUT WRONG REFERENCE NUMBER* ..." Then my phone died and hasn't come back on since. I'm going to advise that I'm dealing directly with Orange. Or as it is now EE. (Which when I come to think of it ... I signed a contra
  2. I wasn't receiving bills. They were going to my old address as they still hadn't been updated on the system. Only have they recently updated details as I emailed executive.office[at]ee.co.uk and received a reply from I'll assume a PA. (Didn't seem like a CS rep). So the first letter I've received is Moorcroft's.
  3. No the phone was purchased before hand. I'm not trying to get out of paying the fee. However ... the point I was making is my standard bill was £40, I hadn't used the phone for 3 months so there was NO additional charges; yet each month the bill was around £70. I cancelled the contract as 2 complaints to Orange didn't resolve this. Is it not EE themselves in breach of contract?
  4. Hi Guys, Maybe you can help me here. I received a DCA letter on Saturday giving me till the 4th to contact them to arrange a payment plan. This debt is from a phone contract (EE) I terminated early (#396) as Orange (who I signed with NOT EE) were charging me over the odds for a phone that had been off for three months. So I cancelled the contract. I'm being threatened that if I don't reply to Moorcroft they MAY take further action. What's the best way to go about this? Regards
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