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  1. As I said before I will keep you all up to date on this matter. Once again Many Thanks for all your replies and reassuring words.
  2. Hi UncleBulgaria67 Thanks for taking the time to reply on a Saturday night. Much a appreciated.
  3. I think this Dubin Bank are going to try and pull a fast one and say they couldn't get hold of my friend for 12 years. But she isn't Jason Bourne. No one could stay under cover for that long and besides she's been in the BT telephone book and in the electoral roll and and has a credit file with Experian so she was hardly hiding.
  4. I'm 'babysitting' my friend over the weekend in case she does anything stupid because of this bloody Dublin Bank business. 13 years of nothing from them and now this.
  5. She thinks she knows what triggered it. Something to do with a passport application that she needed for ID purposes.
  6. Bad news. My friend had another letter this morning from the Dublin Bank. They hadn't started any legal action in nearly 13 years but have now passed the matter to a firm of Dublin solicitors. They don't have a judgement against her. They didn't start legal action until now probably because they didn't know where she was until now. These three letters during the past 3 weeks are the only contact she has had with them in nearly 13 years. They are looking for €15,000 plus interest. The debt isn't secured (UNSECURED). This is the third letter. They say it'
  7. This is an update as at Monday the 8 September 2014. My friend has been advised by CAB (England), StepChange (England) and MABs (Southern Ireland) to sit tight and ignore the Irish Bank debt chasing letters because after failing to have any contact or payments (AFTER 13 YEARS) the issue is 'time-barred' and 'statute-barred'. Both terms 'time-barred' and 'statute-barred'seem to mean the same thing that because the bank or creditor didn't get a judgement they can't enforce the debt after 12 years. That's all we know for now. If I hear anymore I will let you know. Once again
  8. So far they've sent two letters and the bank is saying "they may take action" which suggests to me that they haven't taken any legal action in 13 years against my friend. They haven't said that they've got a judgement against her. So it looks like the debt is time-barred. The problem is the legal situation is in Dublin, Ireland and no-one in the Liverpool area seems to know much about how the Dublin, Irish debt situation seems to work from a time-barred situation. I think it's that uncertainty that's getting to my friend. As I say, she's kind of old-stock and is having
  9. I've said this to her and said that the Bank doesn't appear to have much of a case after 13 years but's kind of "old school" and get's very worked up about these things. She's crying and upset and worried that people will come to her door and neighbours doors (including the next door druggies) making inquiries about her and suggesting that she owes people money. She's a bit older in mindset then her late 50s years. She's practically dying of shame as it is. What kind of letter could she send to the bank? The Dublin bank are looking for a reply and repayment proposals
  10. Thanks for all your replies so far. I've seen the two letters they've sent her and as far as I can see, they haven't taken any legal action yet in Dublin and are threatening legal action if she doesn't start making payments.
  11. Hi This Is Urgent Ref: Dublin Bank starts legal proceedings against a former client after 13 years who has lived in England for 13 years Sorry about the length of this letter - I'm writing it for a friend and it's a bit complicated so please stick with me. Any advice and help will be much appreciated. My friend left Dublin, Ireland 13 years ago and hasn't been back since. She's in her late 50s so she's no spring chicken. She left in a hurry ( an abusive partner) and wasn't in a position to do the nice stuff like tell the bank that she was leaving Dublin or wh
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