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  1. Hi, i just received the following email, thanks for your help. Good Afternoon, As discussed earlier on the telephone, we have been advised to replace your faulty carpet. We can either replace with the same carpet, or if you wish, you may reselect to a different carpet. If you can please advise how you wish to proceed.
  2. could be a costly error, hopefully not, i will keep you updated.
  3. Hi, Just had the zoom call, the surveyor stated it looked like a manufacturing issue (a backing problem maybe), he said he would submit his report to head office and get us sorted asap, i will let you know when i received the official report.
  4. i got a call from them today, they want to do a survey on Saturday 30-01-21 on zoom as they cant physically attend due to current restrictions.
  5. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Yes, i understand, i am rejecting the carpet using my statutory rights and putting the ball back to them to either remedy the issue or prove otherwise. I have already made enquiries regarding an independent survey, i will wait for their reply. Should i give them a 2 weeks to reply ?
  6. Not sure, the fitting was arranged by ScS, we just had to pay the guys on the day.
  7. I cant remember the square meter price, we paid just under £800 total, the price included underlay and fitting. 1. The carpet is in the living room 2. The damage is in the areas with traffic, some areas are worse, there is an area of damage running parallel with the skirting for about 1 mtr, this area has no traffic. 3. The deposit was bank transfer and the balance credit card. Regards
  8. Thanks for replying, i informed the seller in December 20, they initially sent me the email below. ""With reference to your valued order and our recent inspection of your images. We have now investigated your concerns and can confirm that there are no manufacturing defects present and your carpet is reacting normally. The change of appearance of your carpet is due to the way in which the pile has settled unevenly with use and can show in some areas more than others. This is caused by the heavy traffic concentrated onto a small area coupled with the twisting of feet
  9. Carpet Pics.pdf I am looking for some advice, i have attached pictures, is this normal wear and tear ? The carpet was laid end of September 2020, the carpet is Vitani Supreme 945, not even sure what you call this issue. any advice would be appreciated. regards John IVITANI SUPREME 945 VOLCANIC ASHTANVITANI SUPREME 945 VOLCANIC ASHI SUPREME 945 VOLCANIC ASH
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