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  1. I bought a 2GB memory card from a second hand shop which I found out I could not use. Now before I purchased the item I explicitly asked about what were my rights if I wanted to return the item before I paid for it on my debit card. I was told that was fine but I would receive the value in vouchers which I had to spend in store again. I accepted this and proceeded to pay. I actually found out that day the memory card was useless to me as it did not match the slots I had. 10 days later I walked in to the store only to be told I was not entitled to a refund because I had to return it within it 48 hours if I was to be eligible for a full refund. They said I could sell the item back to them but I refused. It was never made clear to me verbally or in writing and I think this is grossly unfair. I now have a second hand item that is useless to me. I was prepared to receive the full value of credit to spend in their store again but frankly I would never ever spend my money on them again if this is how the treat their customers. Please tell me what is the correct procedures to undertake as I wish to make a formal complaint and reclaim. The high street store is part of the webuy.com franchise but the shop in particular is CEX in Lewisham.
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