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  1. Two totally separate events. No 1 relates to the sale of item of plant machinery in 2012 which was on finance with BNP paribus, in July this year I was arrested over alleged fraud regarding this matter, and last week I was charged with one count of fraud relating knowingly selling an item whilst it was on finance. What should I do, if I plead guilty what is likely to happen, no previous. In the meantime, in between the initial arrest, the police searched my house took away loads of computers , it would seem as it is fraud they automatically pass info on to all other authorities, and the local council picked up on it as last year I claimed housing benefit. The council have got all my statements from all my banks and during the ten months I claimed £250 a month for housing I had credited to my accounts £7000, in total, working out over an eight hour day five days a week just over £3.00 a hour, they claim I should have informed them. What is going to happen there?
  2. are you suggesting i have not been truthful with you, perhaps you had better explain is that a problem, i thought you were here to help !!!!!!!!!
  3. under caution i offered to pay back all money to all parties
  4. i was this morning charged under the fraud act of 2006 for fraud by false representation ,first offence, total amount is £23,000. this for selling a car whilst it was on finance, i am to appear in the magristares court at end of month, what are the likely penalties
  5. I am not sure the finance company are aware of any of this not heard from them for over two years, it is a police matter who then passed my details to local council who got hold of my bank accounts, I had been claims for ten months housing benefit of £250 per month
  6. Only arrested re selling a machine while it was on finance
  7. Housing , benefit, Business failed in 2012 Someone lent me £15000 to buy a car it showed in my bank account beginning of this year council claim I should have told them, it was in the bank account about two days
  8. Two totally separate events, the finance issue relates to 2011, however I was only arrested last month, I guess the police then pass to all other authorities info, one being local council, the police did search my house and take away my computers. Tomorrow I answer bail , no idea is what is going to happen, as I see it I made a genuine mistake and would happily pay back both the outstanding money to the finance company and to the guy who I sold a machine to, however he used it for nearly two years making money from it. As for me claiming housing benefit last year, all I see I did wrong is not tell them that I had some £6000 in my bank account
  9. two seperate issues, police arrested me for not paying of fiance on a machine and selling it on, and local council interviewd me under caution for benefit fraud
  10. no idea, maybe the finance company, maybe the guy who purchased the machine
  11. no two seperate matters, i guess they are both speaking to each othet, and as i dont think i have done anything wrong and i cant afford a lawyer, not sure what to do, only been arrested for fraud by police regarding not paying of finance on machinery, the housing benefits they wrote to me and asked me to coem in which i did and have frozen all my benefits
  12. no lawyer, they gave me two weeks to produce evidence of where the money came from which went into my bank account
  13. under caution, they showed me copy s of my bank account, i calucated it is about £6000, they never said
  14. arrested by police, not been to court or cautioned, just arrested and now to answer bail on monday it was a piece of plant machinery, the finance company i used never made contact about that item, but i had other items on finance with them which i settled the finance i was arrested queistioned and released on bail
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