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  1. The debt was covered in the bankrupcy so I dont owe them anything anymore the official reciver has told me that they must give me the car back but they just wont just wish I had a spare key as its just parked in there car park
  2. Hi, 2 months ago i sent my car to a garage to get a gear stick and steering bush done i had just bourght the car cheap as i knew it had the problems.The garage Decided to do a mot on it and came back with faults so they fixed them long story short bill was 900 pound it should of been 300 i didnt ask for any extra work to be done. I had not heard from the garage for weeks and just put it down to parts taking there time coming through. Anyway i got a bill in the post out the blue. well all this was happening i was unlucky to be declaired bankrupt i have put the garage debt in with th
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