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  1. I did look into the trust deed, but the advise I was given due the landlord being the biggest creditor they would reject this. To be honest, not really that keen of paying a few hundred a month for a trusted for the next 7 years, don't really see the advantage, if my credit file is shot to bits anyway, think id be better bankrupt. (but I really don't want to do bankrupt) So what happens now? I know a Citation has been delivered but its been retuned to Edinburgh without me seeing it?
  2. I can cope and pay for my personal debt as my outgoing have been massive cut back over the years. Ill struggle to pay the outstanding rent payments, without the trading shop. Its a catch 22, the landlord took away the means to pay the outstanding debt. Thinking about it, I guess it depends how long I get to pay it off. Not sure how long the court would allow me to pay it up? My dealing with the landlord in the past has always been FULL Payment today. So I would think they would reject any payment plan if its not paid in full.
  3. My only real debt thats not getting paid, Got a 2k on a credit card, and a loan both are getting paying off.
  4. Outstanding rent for a business unit, with a PG in place. No. after 2007 Original creditor Yes Yes No Downturn in sales after landlord opened outer food outlets. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? yes & no Yes, asked for reduced rent, any debt management was rejected, due to the landlord feeling the business could pay its way, when a payment plan was accepted it came with the clause that allowed the landlord to terminated the lease at any point with one months notice. They had already found a new tenet for the unit by this point. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Ok, thanks for that I though that might have been the case, thats why I added that on at the end.
  6. Hello, Looking for a bit of advise. My Business stop trading earlier in the year after 6 year of blood, sweat & tears. The main reason for this was the landlord revoking the lease, there is an outstanding debt to them for about 30k, we offered payment plans to make up the short fall which were refused. We also make an offer of part payment before we vacated the unit, thought our lawyers, which went without reply, Iv been in full contact with the landlord trying to resolve this, but with no joy the Landlord is one of the UK largest shopping centre owners. There is a PG in place with this landlord, it was signed under pressure and landlords lawyers represented both sides. An issue I have is my last registered address is with my parents. where iv not stayed with for a number of year, my parents are sick and tired of debt letter and sheriff officers turning up at the door looking for me. So now any letter that arrive with either my name or old LTD company name are getting returned to sender with a text update to me of “yet another debt letter returned Bla Bla Bla… Not happy and not great for me ether. Iv been issued with a charge of payment which I signed back in the early part of the year while the unit was still trading. I got a phone call from a sheriff officer the other day saying they were trying to reissue another charge of payment but were unable to deliver it that the 1st contact iv had in 5months. So getting to the point iv been issued with a Citation, hand posted thought the letterbox, I know no details of it as its been retuned to sender bit am sure I know who’s it from, What happens now? very worried. Am not a home owner and own nothing, iv hand no income since the shop closed a few months ago and I live in Scotland. Thanks for your advice,
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