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  1. Well Done Mate, We're on a Roll LOL:cool: :grin: Stewart
  2. Thanks Guys, Still got the Bills as well Stacy lol,hope you get settled very soon BC Stewart:razz:
  3. Yippee,they have settled in full £1900,just came back from a weeks holiday and guess what was on the doormat8) Could not believe it,they offered this after recieving my sod off letter for £1200 6 days ago,special ythanks to Big Col and Stacy Mason for words of encouragement,and of course everone else,time to motor on with other claims.They are wrong we are right this proves it,keep going everone,will send in my donation as soon as i get my dosh,without this site i would not have got here.Thankyou very very much. :D I HAVE WON:D
  4. Hi There, Send the sod off letter,from the library section and send LBA,stick to your timetable,thats the advice i have had from others and it is the right way,dont accept their offer,you will win,keep in touch Regards Stewart
  5. Cheers BC,I'll have a check round the other jockinese ones.i like your new term for us jocks lol :grin:
  6. Thanks Stacy, Starting tommorrow with my first application to court,i am now confident that they will settle in full after following your thread,just a pity up here its £750 at a time but hey ho,that aint gonna stop me Hope you are well and thanks again for the reply Stewart
  7. hi guys, sorry have not posted for a while,just recieved an offer from rbs of £1200,better than the insult of £200 offered 2 weeks ago.Will send sod off letter soon as. will keep you informed,hope all is well with everone. Cheers Stewart
  8. Ian, Sorry that you feel beaten but hey,people are making good progress with RBS,check out Stacy Mason's thread on RBS forum,she was recently settled in full by RBS and she is in England,there is also others which are also close to being settled. I think you need to take some time to breath and regroup your thoughts,read read read,its all in here,we will beat them so dont get beaten down that is what they want,this is our time to claim back all our hard earned cash, Any way chin up,do not stop. Regards Stewart
  9. HI Guys , just an update of progress,recieved gesture of goodwill from rbs £210:-x , Sod off letter handed in personally along with LBA,the team leader was rather unhelpful about giving me receipts for both,but she did,you would think it was her money LOL,i shall wait with anticipation for my reply. Regards Stewart
  10. Thanks Dave, I will do,i want to do things right so things dont drag on any longer than they should although i do expect plenty of delays from the clydesdale. Hope your own claims are going well Cheers Stewart
  11. THanks for the warning Caro,I thought it was an empty threat,good to know this information that they do counterclaim sometimes. Have a good weekend Regards Stewart
  12. Hi Nad, Welcome and good luck,remember and do a thread for each bank you are claiming,that way you get the most direct help Regards Stewart
  13. Hi Judi 24 and laaljocky, thanks for your info,we all seem to be at the same place,i am sending my LBA tommorrow,seems like they want to play the big bad bank and think no one will stand up to them,well i will be sticking strictly to the deadlines and see how long it takes them to give in.At times like this i wonder why i ever dealt with them at all,anyway good luck with your claims keep me posted and i will do the same. Cheers Stewart
  14. Thanks for the prompt advice,i had sent the dpa and got my statements,this was a reply to my initial letter,which i sent with the spreadsheet of charges,should i not send my LBA first though,rather than than going straight to court. I know that this may lead to another fob off but will follow the protocall of claiming,i am just worried that if it goes to court then it may go against me if i do not go through the entire proccess. Hope i am not being to thick here guys,apologies if i am:-? Cheers again
  15. HI Folks, 1st Post for the clydesdale,i have been posting a thread in the RBS Forum .Sent Prelim Letter along with list of charges £1941 to my branch on the 30/08/2006 recieved this letter on 07/09/2006.Have abbrev some bits so i dont send you all off to sleep.. Could do with some urgent advice as i am not sure how to proceed Cheers Stewart Dear Mr Nicol I refer to your letter dated 30 August 2006.I note from your letter that you feel excessive charges were applied to your account during the past 6 years. During this time,the relationship between you and the bank w
  16. Hi BC, Thanks for the post,feel really inspired now with stacys win hope you get a cheque soon,keep in touch Stewart:cool:
  17. Hi Stacy, Big Col just told me your fantastic news,i am so happy for you and feel greatly inspired by your win,fantastic,hope you enjoy the victory,and the money of course.Fantastic achievement well done. YOU ARE A WINNER Best wishes Stewart :D
  18. Thanks Stacy Mason and Big Col for the words of encouragement,will keep posting,hope your battle is going well Stewart:smile:
  19. HI Folks, Parachute account open,shocked to find out last week my claim is £1900,waiting responce from bank,they just recieved my letter and detailed list of charges on monday so early days yet,i know it will be an up hill struggle but i am determoned to succeed Keep ya posted:D
  20. Hi Folks, Just to say hello,have not been on for ages,dropped the ball a bit really,seems like a lot of people are ending up with court dates for RBS,all sounds a bit:???: :o ,anyway sent intro letter to rbs asking for my£1916 back,bit of a shocker really when i totted it up,probably will get ignored but will stick to the timetable this time. Happy hunting everyone Stewart :?
  21. HI Betty, Just read your post,have they sent your statements yet,i also have been fobbed off in the same way,but they agreed not to charge me. Stewart
  22. HI Mel, You are so right about the clydesdale,i just recieved a letter today from them informing me that they have just recieved an instruction from my branch to collect 6 years of bank statements and have 40 days from recieving payment to do this,i sent my dpa request to them 26th june.. :mad: Good luck with your claim,will start my own thread for my claim shortly Cheers Stewart
  23. Sarah, If you have not got receipts for your intro letter,they could easily say,they have not recieved them,i am new to this as well,but from reading the forum everyone seems to advise get a receipt,i know what you mean it is a bit nerve wracking,personally i would phone them and ask if they recieved your letter,at least them you would know if they are just trying to stall you.But dont panick,wait to you have had feedback from some of the experienced people on the forum,there is a lot of knowledge here.Keep me posted how you are getting on and i will do the same sounds like we are at the sam
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