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  1. Our first letter was basically to say we were checking authenticity! I can't go into specific details (don't think you'll find anyone in this situation who has) about settlement but they were asking for £1000 (seems pretty standard) AND profits.
  2. Hi, We went through all the advice on this forum and found most of it very useful - thanks everyone! Regarding Palmer-Biggs - BMW confirmed PB DO act on their behalf, although they didn't specify in what situations. PB now have the required SRA reference on their letter (on the bottom). Regarding contacting them etc - we only gave them the bare minimum of what they asked for in each letter and we told them that we were taking advice before replying (which they had advised us to do so not sure why they were querying the delay at every verse end). PB kept chasing even though we had no goods to send them and in the end we did settle, although we didn't give them the names of suppliers etc as we suggested this would contravene Data Protection regulations. Sent them a cheque saying if they cashed it we would assume that was the end of the matter. It was several weeks before we got a letter saying they'd close the case but keep an eye on us - well that's easy because there's nothing to keep an eye ON! It seems to be very hit and miss as to whether or not they pursue you; some Caggers say they didn't pay up and PB said no further action would be taken. We were on the unlucky side - they kept chasing and in the end we had had enough of the hassle and the worry. My advice to you would be to look through all the PB references on CAG and choose the route you wish to take. I wouldn't want to suggest you pay up or hold out - just read the comments and decide how much of a risk you're prepared to go with.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone help with some nice phrasing to go with a letter & cheque? Basically, "Here's your cheque which is sent on the understanding that you now leave us alone!" Thanks.
  4. We sent the letter to BMW (even though it was marked private, confidential and not to be copied! That was their view, in ours there was no reason why we should not cooy it, otherwise how could we check its authenticity?) BMW asked to see the whole package which we sent a couple of weeks ago. Since then we have heard nothing from BMW or Palmer Biggs. Keep watching this space! PS The SRA number now appears at the bottom of their letter, in the 'footer'.
  5. No that's the point - they are not exact copies. You know how supermarkets use similar styles, colours, packaging to 'big brands' - they seem to have fallen foul of that.
  6. Precisely what we thought!!!! The exact words are: "Copyright protected - no consent for reproduction in whole or part of the contents of this LETTER." Not, you note, the package which accompanied it. If BMW confirm it is genuine then we will deal with the consequences, but our suspicion is that, while Palmer Biggs might well work for BMW, are they doing a little 'feathering of their own nest' under the BMW banner? Whoops - by quoting their letter I have breached their terms... my bad...
  7. Thanks, but hubby feels we are OK as our company's goods are not counterfeit. In fact the registered package he received showed all the badges etc that BMW had registered and the one hubby's firm uses isn't one of them. This includes the one used on the 'test purchase' that Palmer Biggs Legal made. Our other concern about this 'legal firm' is that we know of other Ebay traders who have simply received a 'cease and desist' message from other companies directly, there has been no correspondence with a solicitor and certainly no demand for money towards legal costs. Hubby got the second letter this week. In defiance of Palmer Biggs' insistence that their letter cannot be photocopied or passed on, he has replied that the entire package has gone to BMW, bypassing themselves as the middle man. THAT was last week, so far no reply from BMW. Watch this space.
  8. Hi all, New to this site expressly because hubby's business has received 'the package' today - like Dempsey40, in relation to Mini / BMW and asking £1000. Your comments have so far proved invaluable. Any updates please?
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