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  1. Hi OnMyWayOut, The pet sitter left a first floor window open (Which was at floor level), our dog then fell from the window and sustained serious injuries. Sorry i should have explained that in the original post
  2. I suppose my question really is how do i go about contesting a debt that isn't mine. I would like to avoid going to court, Are these companies allowed to do this without looking into who owes the debt?
  3. Hi all, Last year our family pet was admitted to a veterinary practice while in the care of a Dog Sitter. We were led to believe by the sitter that she was fully insured and the costs would be covered. However it now turns out that she wasn't fully insured and has completely blocked all contact with us. We have paid the veterinary practice for the treatment that we authorised and are in the process of claiming that back through the courts. However today we have received a threatening telephone call from a Debt Collection Agency collecting the outstanding balance on the account. However we believe (and a solicitor has also suggested) that that money should only be paid by the Dog Sitter. Does anyone have any advise on how to deal with the Collection Agency?
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