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  1. As well as cancelling the auto refill she should also send an email to stemologica to confirm that the cancellation has been accepted by them, it might take more than one email to get a response from them but keep at it and keep a copy of all emails, letters and dates that she has spoken to her bank,
  2. Hi has your relative stopped the auto refill on the web page?I think it would be best if all the goods are sent back and make sure you have some form of receipt from post office,she must insist that her bank stop further payments if they won't help over the phone then go to the bank and insist that someone listens to you and blocks any further payments, I am with nat west and have also been refused a refund or chargeback and the matter is now with the ombudsman
  3. I am having the same problem with my bank nat west, I have now sent all the relevant correspondence to the financial ombudsman, if you give them a call they will get the ball rolling, it may be worth a try if Halifax will not help you, I found them to be very easy to talk to and they are aware of stemologica or dermagenta or any other name they may be known by
  4. I have sent the goods back to this rugby address too via recorded delivery its all you can do as no other address is given I have the receipt and if nothing else it will prove to your bank or/ and trading standards that you have at least tried your best. I have also been given another address via my banks charge back team as a flat in Manchester I do not want to post the full address on here as it probably is a bogus address and I believe we are dealing with some dubious characters ,
  5. I,m please to hear that your bank are taking this matter seriously, I am with nat west and they are not being helpful at all, I agree this is a US company and are not trading legally within our consumer rights. Trading standard will only look into this company if they receive X amount of complaints so everyone in my opinion needs to report them asap. If trading standards agree that stemologica are trading illegally they can tell the banks to recover OUR money C
  6. Can anyone give me working email address for stemologica, I have tried the one hidden in terms and conditions but have had no reply from them other than to tell me my email was blank??
  7. ok I'm not sure what that means but thank you anyway, I also tried to get my money back by section 75 and was told this does not apply to my claim as it's under £100. C
  8. I seem to have lost the thread to stemologica, I can only read page 1 of posts can anyone help? C
  9. Can anyone give me the email address for stemologica as my emails are getting through, I need a working email or customer support address .many thanks C
  10. Hi I have just spoken to my credit card again to request a charge back and have been refused on the grounds that I clicked on the T&C so in other words tough luck, they refer to this as a legal [problem] however after a long talk with citizens consumer advice group this is not legal under the trading law of regulations 2013 , when ordering goods online you should be provided with a durable form ie text message, email, or written letter this is needed for a consumer contract to be legal (information cancellation and additional charges), I did not receive any emails, conformation of order, customer reference number which should have been provided therefore this site does not conform to UK law . The next stage if like me your credit cad will not allow a charge back is to speak to an ombudsman good luck C
  11. Hi d and others thanks for advise I have been following all posts for the past few days I will try the bank again as this is all getting a little messy ,hope to hear better news soon C
  12. Hi d I have called my bank and although they can stop any further payments they will not intervene as far as recovering the first payment of £97.95 they told me it is not fraud as I accepted T&Cs
  13. I have been on the phone all morning and find the best people to talk to are citizens consumer advice which are part of the trading standards group. I have been told they are looking into this web site in reference to the regulations act 2013. I also called the customer support team at stemologica who refused any refunds
  14. To all. Make sure tat as well as sending the product back you also stop the auto refill which you can find right at the bottom of the web page
  15. Hi new to all of this so bare with me please, Feeling like a prize mug today and want to warn anyone who is thinking of ordering stemologica to please please read small pint before you order. This product will only cost you £3.95 . . . if you don't like it and send it back within 14 days otherwise the actual cost is £97.95 which yes you have guessed correctly has been taken from my bank this week. When I placed my order I was also not made aware that if you do not contact Stemologica or return the items within 14 days, then Stemoligica kindly auto refill your order - re sending you the products as well as charging you £60.95 every 30 calander days! Luckily I've managed to stop further payment to the company after contacting my bank/ fraud department. I'll also be writing a letter to my bank and the head office. I contacted Stemologica to cancel my order twice but as yet have had no reply from them. Very disappointed and ironically have more wrinkles as a result!
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