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  1. Yes it's in a rural village, with no gas supply. Detached bungalow built in the 60s
  2. It's an oil boiler. The guy who was out yesterday was registered, and he questioned if the guy who had been doing it was, due to the current condition of it.
  3. Will do. I've been at this property for 3 years, it's in a posh area, and the owner likes to think of himself as something special. I'm looking forward to shaming him. I also forgot to add that the Letting Agent is just as bad. he pussy foots around the owner, like nobody's business. I'd also like to add that 2 years ago, due to a leak that they let get worse and worse for 3 months, a fire broke out in the attic. Absolute cowboy. Does anyone know if I'd have grounds to sue?
  4. Thanks again. Another thing that happened this week. The boiler packed in and he expected us to wait 5 days for his engineer to come round. I insisted that another one be used. I think I know why he was so keen to get his guy around. The engineer who came was alarmed at the standard of installation and maintenance of the boiler, and has pointed out several points that need addressing.
  5. Many thanks. I have environmental health coming round next week, and one of the first thing the doctor asked is, has this child been exposed to damp conditions?
  6. Hi all, and thanks in advance for any help. I have been having issues with my useless landlord for a while now. He's very hesitant to carry out any repairs, and eventually, when /if done, are to a very poor standard. For a year I have been asking him to sort out damp issues, drafty windows, broken back door. Now it has all come to a head. My 8 year old son has been hospitalised with pneumonia. All of a sudden, he wants to get all the work done. Too little too late in my eyes. I am wondering if I have grounds to sue him for causing this health problem with my son? Any advice would be well welcomed. Many Thanks
  7. I paid using debit card by the way. thanks for all your input. Appreciated
  8. Yes basically, I was told the only difference was the retina display, which I could live with. I was not informed that the cheaper one (which was not displayed, just had spec sheet) was indeed an older, and thicker machine.
  9. Basically,I looked at the display model, which was advertised at £899, there was no other model, but on the price sheet, it showed the upgraded model. As far as I was concerned, I was buying the one on display
  10. Hi,I wonder if anyone could advise me please? On Thursday, I purchased a MacBook Pro from PC World. I inspected the display models, and saw one I liked. It was £100 more for the retina display model, and didn't really feel it was worth paying the extra, so paid £899 for the non retina display model. When I took it home, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, I didn't like it as much. I passed by another PC world branch on Saturday, and decided to pop in. The retina model, is considerably thinner than my version, and also, my version is a 2012, the retina is 2014, now I feel that I purchased the machine. based on the display model. I asked in that store if I could exchange it, and pay the extra, but was told NO as I'd used it. Do you think I have grounds for exchange, as I feel, the display model was not indicitive of what I was actually buying? Many thanks in advance. PLK
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