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  1. Dont worry its solved now thanks for all your advice guys. also you will be interested to know that they appologised haha like quite... well dramatically which is strange for a debt collecting agency imo. because they acknowledged they screwed up on their system and for some reason my DD defaulted on their system. haha. in the future ill stick to letters as you guys said thanks
  2. instead of me asking what you mean by those terms (im still fair stupid when it comes to understanding economic terminology), Ill explain how I got into this situation which may answer your questions. I wanted to get rid of my account, I couldn't stay with them any more 39 pounds a month (mobile phone) on top of a 30-40 pounds a month bill with talk talk (internet) was too much. i tried to work a deal out with them to pay it off slowly, then low and behold I was kicked off disability allowance and failed my appeal, naturally they got sick and tired of waiting and rang BCW to take care of it. after they called me and several agonising days of waiting and talking and more waiting and a small amount of evasive "B*******" we eventually fixed the amount to 15.20 a month and its been like this ever since. I hope that answers your questions, sorry if im not being particularly helpful.
  3. Correct, the debt is with O2 not barclays and Ive just spoken to barclays, they have said that there is nothing wrong with the account and that they should of taken the payment out. I also made sure that the phone conversation was being recorded by them and by myself. that way BCW have no excuse for harassing me over their own stupidity. And also thanks for the pointers, I will indeed be writing to them as-well just in case. and no ive been with Barclays bank for 10 years not the debt haha, if i was in debt for that long I might as well shoot myself. I have however come up with a Idea of why they might of not taken the money out, though it does require a question being answered. If BCW tried to take the money out much earlier than when the money went in on the same day, would that of caused the failed payment? and do BCW try to take out money more than once if the initial attempt fails?
  4. On that we agree, normally there service is great ive been with them for almost a decade now, so im not accustom to them being ... "disconnected".. I guess that's the correct word to use for this situation. And Yeah I was wondering about that ive seen a lot of bad reviews. My farther actually said the same thing, Ill try to be civil but I really don't like bending my "knee" to these kinds of people and considering the moneys there... well I don't like being harassed when its not even my fault.. if you understand where im coming from.
  5. Hey guys n gals, I'm not quite sure if this would be the place to ask about this but ill just go ahead and ask anyway. I've recently been "harassed" by a debt collector firm known as BCW. Buchanan Clark and wells. They've been harassing me over a "missed" payment. now the problem is, the money is there and it has also been there since I put it in for the specified collection date of the 12th of each month. I am completely confused as to why it isn't being taken by them. I have no outstanding payments other than them and the internet company I am with. I also have all accounts in order, nothing is out of date or in the red. The direct debt has also not been cancelled as I haven't cancelled it nor have I even attempted to. So im completely confused as to what's going on, f urther more every time I attempt to ring barclays I ring them then about 5 minutes into explaining what's going on their end of the phone just goes dead so they aren't much help. can someone explain this too me? these debt collectors are quite frankly starting to annoy me. thanks in advance.
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