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  1. On re-reading the letter I now note that MET are accusing me of having paid the parking fee some hours after I parked. The say I paid at 2338 hours on 16 August 2014. This is in spite of me supplying them with a copy of the Ringgo (Chiltern) invoice which shows the date of issue (i.e. payment) was 15 August 2014. I can also verify this by bank statements showing time and date of the transaction. Are they really that superficial or stupid?
  2. Hi, Here's another experience. I parked at High Wycombe station two Saturdays ago. The night before at about 2340 hours using the Ringgo app I booked my parking and paid the Chiltern Rail Day rate of £4.50 (£4.90 total). Without realising it the Ringgo system booked me a session from 2339 to 2359 on the Saturday confirmed by text message which I ignored believing it to be a glitch in the Ringgo system which would not amount to anything. I parked from 11.00 am to 1930 that day. I returned to find a MET parking charge notice saying I had failed to display a ticket or failed to have parked d
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