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  1. the ombudsman think they are above the law and the truth is they are, even the government has no control over them how can this be possible, we need a new government to really get to grips with all these unaccountable but expensive taxpayer guzzling useless entities the election next year will be open with no clear winners so make your vote count.
  2. after reading the website for the p.h.so pressure group I was surprised to learn that each investigation carried out by the p.h.so cost £83,000, yes eighty three thousand pounds, are they eating gold sprinkled biscuits at their meetings the p.h.so ombudsman do not investigate complaints themselves they are an expensive figurehead, the investigations are passed on to the local p.a.l.s and n.h.s managers.
  3. it is time things were shaken up, lets face it any new political group could do no worse than the last ones. with most of our laws now made in Europe. it will be fun to watch them squirm as they beg for our votes, we all know they will promise anything just to get their snouts in the trough. I will not be voting for the usual trio of plonkers
  4. the sad thing about it is people who have come into contact with ombudsman know all being discussed in this thread is true, but the ombudsman are in a position of complete control it would need more than a handful of people to change the way they investigate.
  5. that is good news for people who do have recordings they just have to insist these recordings are heard
  6. 1 in 5 women do not go for smear tests because of it intrusive nature, 20% is a high number this urine test is not perfect but it is a start and when it is perfected it will cover all all virus leading to cervical cancer according to the british medical journal. this morning program on i.t.v wheel out the smear test every year trying to tell us this is really quite a simple test with a couple of familiar faces volunteering to have the test on tv this is how concerned the medical is about the negative views on the smear test trying to persuade women. I am happy 80% of women are happy to
  7. nolegion you started this thread more than four years ago and your last post does not disappoint, you have dug out some very interesting information it seems odd that recording consultations has been discussed for 40 years i would go even further and say all procedures in the operating theatre should be recorded by audio-video why has this not been done before all this talk it would be invasive for the patient is bunkum the n.h.s do not really want to be accountable to those who pay their salaries.
  8. the n.h.s has wasted billions on failed electronic systems and other follies that financing anything that makes the n.h.s answerable to the public is money well spent, video recordings would be more problematic the angle of the camera would have to be adjusted for each patient. that said I am sure the many serious blunders in operating theatres, wrong limb operated on, instruments and other items left in the patient justifies audio-video proof, now that would sharpen the minds of those doing the procedure. think of all the legal costs they would save and long drawn out investigations.
  9. and I am another poster that will be ignoring you childish rants.
  10. you are a bully bazzaS and I am not suprised she is not interested in your childish rantings,
  11. the original poster made it quite clear that she did complain starting with the practice manager all the way to the police and the ombudsman.
  12. hi shirli after reading your thread and the replies, they sound like male n.h.s executive that know nothing about the problems women find with smear tests, they think using political / medical sound bites makes everything okay. women must make a stand making it clear we demand a better test
  13. it beggars belief the arrogance that the ombudsman investigator thinks it is not relevant to the case whether she is qualified to do the job. they are hiding behind red tape
  14. you say your gp is normally honest and caring but she grinned like a Cheshire cat when you told her what the sadistic nurse had done to you. she sounds cruel herself. she maybe has come under pressure from the practise to hide bad publicity. but as you say you have taped all consultations so you will be able to prove what you have experienced is true. how very sad we the patients have been reduced to this
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