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  1. So do I wait and see if PE get in touch again as others on here have said don't ignore it?
  2. No we didn't get a parking ticket on the window on the day,we got a letter 5 days later from PE sayiing parking charge amount due £100. As we hadn't realised the ticket we bought was still in the car straight away,as we don't use this car everyday,so we didn't see that it was 20p short for the nine hours. Stupidly we took notice of all the other people on forums saying ignore it because it wasn't a fine. As we didn't hear anything from December until now we thought it was finished with.
  3. Yes,the ticket we got from the machine. Unfortunately we didn't look at the ticket because we had put £3.40 in for the 9hrs and just put it in the car. We can only assume that the last 20p was rejected like they do sometimes but we didn't hear anything. Sorry what does NTD mean?
  4. DRP say 'to prevent this case being passed to the creditor's solicitor to commence cort proceedingsyou must pay in full he amount of £150'
  5. Yes we do and yes it was a windscreen ticket. We put £3.40 in for up to 9 hrs and put it in the car. When we looked recently we noticed it said £3.20. We didn't notice this.
  6. It was the Caunce Street/Church Street car park.We paid cash at the machine. We were parked from 16.30 until 22.51
  7. Hi, on the 2/11/13 we went with some friends to Blackpool to see a show and parked on a car park and paid for 9hrs parking. On the 7/11 we received a parking charge notice reminder. We couldn't understand why and i looked on google and everybody was saying to ignore it as it wasn't a parking fine. On the 16/11 we got a reminder and ignored it again. On the 11/12 we got another letter from parking eye for £100 for outstanding parking charge. The forums were still saying ignore it as it wasn't a fine. We never heard anything after that until 6th August with a demand for £150 from DRP and now we have received a notice of court action on the 20th August. What can we do about this now as we thought we were okay ignoring them as the forums kept saying to do this
  8. Hi,did anything come from the county courts? We have just received a Notice of intended court action from DRP. Should we fill in one of the POPLA forms or see if we get another letter from Parking Eye?
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