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  1. Cheer DX, My Barclays loan statements don't show the original amount borrowed, with the PPi premium loan. Preparing another letter asking for the capital back, as they have definitely proved false and miss leading statements. Tigs
  2. PPi when front loaded should show up in the starting balance of a loan? tigs
  3. Had a nice letter from Barclays today, ROFL. I had claimed the capital interest back on the loans. As there is a nice piece about loan statement mistakes and Barclays on the internet. for all to read.. Barclays have stated that they have paid back in line with the Ombudsman on the PPI claim, And the amount of monies shown on my bank statements would only be what I borrowed. yep they are right on my statements, But the Barclays Masterloan loan statements are all wrong.. Opening balance, payments and interest are all wrong to the original amount borrowed.. My gut feeling is to go for the capital still, the statements are wrong. Tigs
  4. Evening all, well this has moved on some what.. Rofl The address issues have been sorted according to Barclays, and the system is updated with my current address And an offer of £25 for the issues with the branch, cheque in the post, if im happy.... And a PPI cheque in the post as well. So I thought give them a chance and see what we get, well the PPI cheque in the post was a let down, they ignored half the paperwork. On contacting Barclays I failed the security questions yet again... and yep you got it, they are using my old address from 2013.... So at this moment in time, I have 2 claims sat in the CE office (legal team) for the rest of the monies I believe im owed. And the address issue, I really cant understand how simple 2 +2 is. What a complete shambles. Tigs
  5. At the moment, I have 2 PPI claims running, Which show Barclays removed the PPI off the loan balance statements... I would urge anyone with Barclays Masterloan from pre 2000 to check their paperwork's. Obviously a new complaint over the address change issues as it seems they wont update their systems. And a new complaint in ref to a gem in the SAR documentation. Barclays have replied with a detailed rejection of this complaint on the 10th MAY, I have provided them more evidence that their rejection response is flawed on a serious level. And will update this one once they have had time to speak to their legal team Tigs
  6. Wasn't a great amount Ford only £125.00, And im pretty sure would of cost them more for taking 12 months to supply a SAR request with FOS. But what I wanted was the SAR documents, which I think has supplied me some gems in relation to Barclays. tigs.
  7. Wow Barclays have managed to pay my sar compensation into the correct account one result. Will update when I get the next response from them. tigs
  8. Even I have had begging letters from robbers way, jokers sent assignment for hoist and demand in same envelope... and yep brown tax looking envelopes.... And had a, pay what I can afford letter with a request for my current financial status letter. And a lovely phone call from them asking me security questions, think they were left very clearly that they can whistle dixy. Think as DX has said, begging letters to get some money back from the MKDP purchase. tigs
  9. I have had 2 calls today, and 2 emails from Barclays over the compensation for the SAR and my request for where the monies have gone.. Barclays seem to show an open joint account, which should of been closed in 2014, they have agreed to close it, which I think they have dropped a... because was attached to a mortgage, and all liability's where transferred to my x and court paperwork shows this.... The account they have confirmed will be closed, and the monies paid to my Santander account.. fingers crossed this will happen Just spoke to the ombudsman, and as I have no current open accounts seems cant progress a complaint that way for the address issues. Looks like another letter from me to the London HQ then , so I have 2 PPI claims, 1 sar dispute, 1 address dispute, 1 other ongoing which is a side line,lol cheers for the help slick will send letter as advised tigs
  10. Or complaint to ombudsman on this one, im fed up keep repeating the same details, which its funny they can call me.. email me... send letters to me.. simple to update files, one would think..
  11. Barclays are a complete shambles of an outfit, absolutely incompetent organised company... Having updated my address details yet again on the 29th April for the 5th time in the branch, with my passport. This outfit still claim I don't live at my current address and my PPI claims will be closed... My question is can I bill them for my wasting my time, on the 29th April ( 40 minutes in the branch, walking to and from the branch 20 minutes + driving 1 mile each way).. Obviously I need to go in yet again with my passport so bill them for this next trip... send the complaint to the head office?
  12. My gut feeling on what I have read about FOS is they are not impartial. seems to be one or two case where the banks have been caught talking to the FOS before replying to complaints from customers... My gut tells me, court and set it out right, and argue away. In effect Barclays have been caught yet again deceiving its customers, with loans back from 1997. They hide the PPi from monthly statements,so in effect if you didn't have the PPi paperwork, or agreement. You would not of known about PPI being paid, as it wouldn't show. How many people have they done this two. If we take into account an invalid default notice, In case law the redress was set at 1k ( Neutral Citation Number: [2011] EWCA Civ 1187 case no : b2/2010/1463) my understanding of this ruling was that if proper procedure wasn't followed. then they could not claim any offset. The default notice was invalid and, court action taken. ( they are stuffed) They would not be able to offset, surely the procedure wasn't followed correctly meaning they cannot offset.? FOS wouldn't be able to award against a previous court order for dismissal in relation to another matter. FOS say on the dribble....they wont get involved if court action has previously happened, that precludes them from awarding against the courts?
  13. The debt was x Barclaycard, it was assigned to MKDP, whom issued court proceedings as the legal owner, the SOA according to the sar paperwork from Barclays was agreed after the court case was issued. Barclays still added the balance of the court fee to the SOA, in their paperwork. Some SAR sections seem to be missing entries.... . wonder why.... the details of these agreements obviously we are not allowed to see... The claim was dismissed by the courts, claimant (MKDP). The mercers Default notice stuffs them on this one ,they didn't issue a correct default notice before court action... Tigs
  14. I have finally got my SAR documents from Barclays last Friday , but must admit waiting 45 minutes for the staff to find the documents was an absolute joke.... Having been contacted by Barclays ( by phone) they upheld my complaint and agreed to Reimburse me £125 for the failing, which they were going to pay into my current account. I have sent a letter asking which account the monies are to be paid. I have no open accounts to my knowledge, so have asked where and which account they are crediting. I had a joint account attached to a mortgage which when the other party agreed to all liability's, my understanding was that I should of been removed as was a mortgage reserve account. Also on top of this Barclays have a closed current account with a balance on. The Claim for PPI and interest is being reviewed, but per the Sar I now have statements back to about 1996 for the 3 Barclay loan payment amounts I have got some concerns on this one which will complicate it, if Barclays try and pull the offset rule on the Current account, then my claim will clear this and leave a nice sum over:) I cant see The PPI claim not paying as the Loan statements are wrong to the agreements ( 1996/1997). Which even if they try and pull state barred dribble, im sure this can be countered with another section of the same act. But what if they try buying back the MKDP debt which was dismissed last year & was a mercers defaulted Barclaycard debt. The Sar paperwork shows Barclays sold the debt off mid court claim, that cant be allowed for a debt to be sold during a court claim? Tigs
  15. Yep, all copies showed PPI added in the Loan agreement calculations. Current account bank statements, showed the amount transferred in from the loans, and monthly amount paid out = the loan agreements + PPI. Supplied copies of my loan statements which showed incorrect amount for starting loans... Tigs
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