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  1. I have since contacted the FCA, (who is their regulating body) based on the information I gave the FCA the CU has acted out of character. Baring in mind I do not have details to the ex's account AND the transferring of funds from his account he speaks of was done by him when he visited their office over a year ago. The member of staff who dealt with the transaction is no longer employed at the CU. There is no way to tell if the transfer was done online or in person, but the fact that they did not inform me of their recent actions causes me to question their practices, how secure is the accou
  2. Thank you for the quick reply unclebulgaria67, just as I thought! I did phone the the credit union in question and asked who was the person who had authorised the payment, I was told the manager did, when I requested to speak with her she was 'unavailable' and remained so for the all of Friday afternoon.
  3. Hello, I am new here as you can see, I am not sure where to post this question. My ex partner and I are members of the same credit union, about a week ago he contacted them making a claim that I had accessed his account and transferred money from his account into mine (apparently done a year ago) the credit union has reimbursed funds to him from my account and have extended my credit to pay him back. I was told previous to this I could not obtain a top-up loan until I had paid the current loan back in full, so how is it possible they were able to 'loan' me more money so-to-speak. I knew
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