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  1. Ha ha. Ultimately…..I'm trying to convince myself that it's not true. I'm still paranoid about the whole thing because I got myself into such a state about it and can't let it go. And I'm recalling incidents where it seemed so clear that I was being watched and followed and wondering how I could possibly have created the situation through my own paranoid actions as opposed to being on a shoplifting database. Which one is more likely? I'm self aware enough to know it could possibly all be in my head and I'm almost in a state of mild psychosis……however…..well?…..I don't know. I need some hard facts or someone in authority to tell me it's really not true. A Police Office maybe? I'm almost like a bloody child or something.
  2. Further to my post on facial recognition and shoplifting databases, a little 'Googling' indicates that the technology exists for the type of supermarket CCTV system that detects and alerts to the presence of known shoplifters. For example the following extract from: http://www.clearview-communications.com/cctv/facial-recognition-video-analytics "Facial Recognition - Biometric facial recognition systems compare images of individuals from incoming CCTV video against specific databases and send alerts when a positive match occurs. The key steps in facial recognition are: Face detection Recording detected faces Match recorded faces with those stored in a database Automatic process to find the closest match Applications include: VIP lists – make staff aware of important individuals (VIPs) and respond in an appropriate manner Black lists – identify known offenders or to register suspects to aid public safety Banking transactions – verification of the persons attempting a financial transaction Access Control verification – confirming identity visually, manually or automatically Mustering – keep a tally of who is in and who is out" A relatively reputable CCTV supplier (Avigilon - who supply the large city CCTV systems) states: http://avigilon.com/products/video-analytics/ "With a high degree of accuracy and the industry's lowest false alarm rates, within seconds of a suspect triggering user defined analytics rules, instant notifications can be sent directly to your security personnel - delivering instantly actionable information when it matters most, helping to minimize the impact on your organization."
  3. Bizarrely, I've since been back to the store where the incident happened and I don't get the feeling I'm being followed there (yes…they let me back in without confronting me giving weight to the fact that I'm being rather paranoid about the whole thing).
  4. Thanks Sidewinder. I was so convinced. It's starting to become apparent that the human brain can convince you of anything if you believe it sufficiently. I'm finding this rather bizarre as I've believed it for so long - I was expecting a raft of posts telling me "oh yeah mate - if you're on that National Database then you'll be on every shop security system", etc. Mental.
  5. Thanks ericsbrother - I'm starting to get the feeling I've become so paranoid about being watched that I may be behaving in a rather odd fashion that could be misconstrued as 'shoplifting behaviour'? I have to confess I've even followed security guards who I thought were watching me because I got so p***ed off with them.
  6. Thanks. Appreciate it. I'm starting to think this might be the case. I fear I may be going a little crazy . Thanks for your thoughts and comments. I need some time to process this.
  7. Hmmmm……..this is a good point well made. Given the number of people replying to this post saying such a system don't exist may indicate I need to have a little word with myself. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks renegadeimp. I completely agree. The idea of it seems unbelievable and I convinced myself that such a system couldn't exist for all the reasons you say…..however, when I am in Tesco over 200 miles from where the original incident took place and their staff are clearly watching me and following me around……I just can't dismiss it. It happens every time without fail. Sometimes they look positively annoyed and aggressive towards me. It's almost like they take it personally. I know for sure they are following me around. I'm not saying this proves the existence of a central national database…..but these organisations are sharing information with each other for sure.
  9. ha ha. Awesome. I hope you're all right. I'm still not completely convinced though.
  10. One thought….my Macbook Pro has facial recognition that identifies all pictures of me and flags them up. It's doesn't seem a stretch of the imagination that a large supermarket chain could utilise this software if my little 900 quid laptop has it. Just a thought.
  11. Thanks dx. I'm still convinced the big shopping chains are sharing info with each other. My guess is they're sharing facial recognition data as I am 100% sure I am being 'flagged' when I walk in a store. It's impossible to miss particularly if the shop is relying on their own staff to watch me - they're not very good at hiding the fact they are trying to watch me. Anyway….as I said to Sidewinder - I really hope you are correct. The whole thing makes any shopping experience horrid - but it does make me shop in smaller local shops as I know they won't be following me. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the reply Sidewinder. I've got no issues with bluntness - I need some blunt advice. I have to confess I think you're incorrect though (although I really do hope you are correct - I really do). The Sainsbury's incident happened in Newcastle and I've alerted security in big shopping chains (Tesco, Morrison's, B&Q, M&S, etc.) up and down the country since. It's very easy to spot them doing it - Morrison's in particular pursue me particularly aggressively and rely heavily on their shop staff. I'm not crazy - I'm quite a sane chap I assure you. I believe these shopping chains are sharing information with each other. Whether or not its a centrally controlled database by a third party or they're just swapping info with each other is anyones guess. My assumption is that they use facial recognition and I get 'flagged' as soon as I walk in. Anyway….I don't want to get into a debate. I hope you're correct . Thanks again.
  13. Hello Everyone. First time poster in need of some help and advice. I was recently accused of shoplifting in Sainsbury's. Here's the story: an off-duty employee, who just happened to be shopping in the store, incorrectly claimed she saw me trying to steal some items and she reported me to the store security. The security guard (accompanied by several 'burly' male members of staff) asked me to leave and escorted me off the premises. I attempted to remonstrate with them but they weren't interested and feeling completely surprised and intimidated I left. The police were not called, my details were not taken, and no further action was taken. It ended there and then……or so I thought….. From that day on, I always get followed by security in almost all major shopping chains up and down the country from London to Aberdeen. It's very easy to spot and I'm certainly not being paranoid. The process is almost always the same - it usually starts with an announcement over the speaker system when I walk in (e.g. "Can the Store Manager please come to the security desk" or some variation) and then I get followed around the shop often culminating with large groups of staff standing next to the exit as I leave, I assume, waiting for me to do a runner or something. The whole experience makes me feel sick every time as I hate the idea that I'm thought of as a shoplifter. I don't have the confidence to confront them either. I've also been followed at Airports and Kings Cross train station amongst other places. Am I an some sort of UK National Shoplifting Database? Does the database have a name and someone I could contact? Can I get removed from it? Where would I even start with any of this? I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Best regards, Garabaldi
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