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  1. Final post to wrap up this thread. I had my caution, it was a really quick procedure, I basically just signed a form admitting the offense. The person I saw was the fraud manager, they told me that after reviewing all the evidence it was decided that although I was over the prosecution limit, a prosecution would not be in anybody's interest. The whole thing from IUC to receiving a caution took two months. I have paid everything back. The people who dealt with me were all lovely, kind and patient. I just wanted to pop by and thank everyone who has taken time to read or reply to any of my ramblings. Thank you for a great informative forum. I promise to make a small donation to your site next month when I get my wages. I will sign out now Regards Fludro
  2. Thank you very much Shoelover, I did see my doctor and couldn't believe how great he was. He said absolutely no problem whatsoever and I even can tell them to contact him personally if they want to. He said he will get a letter typed up for me ASAP. Are you an investigator? What happens at the caution and will my employer find out?
  3. Yeah I guess. I already guessed there would be a handsome fee for writing a couple of sentences. I hate going anywhere near the doctors. I am surprised the council have been so nice to me though, I was expecting them to be a complete nightmare after reading other peoples stories. Maybe my council has a more relaxed policy on prosecutions? I'm still waiting for something to go wrong though so I can't relax just yet.
  4. Thanks HB, I think it should be straightforward but I'm just worrying about if it is not. If the Dr messes me about and the council go back on what they said then I really will fail the public interest test as I have nothing to lose and I have my bus ticket ready and waiting. I wouldn't dare dream of mentioning that to the Dr though. After all this is over I need to spend some of what I have left on some therapy to manage the way I handle stress lol.
  5. I had an interview under caution 6 weeks ago. It was nothing like I was expecting. The lady who interviewed me was so kind and patient. I didn't get a solicitor in the end as I figured I didn't need to pay someone to tell them what I could tell them myself and I wasn't denying any of it so I didn't need defending. The lovely investigator even phoned me afterwards to ask how I was. I was quite sure I might not have even made it to the IUC (I kept delaying it while I waited for my special goodies to arrive ) or that if I did make it (just to at least explain myself) that I would have to 'end it' before court I gave most of my stuff to charity. Ah well at least my flat looks nice and tidy. I got a phone call yesterday from the investigator asking me to get a letter from my doctor, just a short one confirming a particular period off ill health. They already have some medical evidence anyway but just want a short Dr letter to add to it. Apparently if I get this I will receive a caution instead as she said a prosecution would not be in the public interest. I have made an appointment to see the Dr next week I am starting to wind myself up incase he is awkward about it, or what if he refuses or messes it up? Has anyone else had to do this and is it a straight forward process. I'm stressing about everything that can go wrong now that it seems so close to being over.
  6. Sounds like you went through an absolute nightmare, I recall they really dragged it out and made you quite ill. I'm glad you avoided court though. How much did they say you were overpaid?
  7. Hi BigGreenForest, I recall reading an old thread of yours when you were going through your nightmare. I wanted to ask how it all worked out, did they drop the case or take you to court in the end? Hope you don't mind me asking?
  8. No this was my emotional thread and a bit embarrassing so I started a new one to enquire about more factual matters I need to approach pragmatically. Thanks
  9. Ah ok sorry..... I was kind of hoping this thread got buried
  10. Hello I am wondering about the capital disregard rules for savings between £6000 and £16000. I understand assumed income is £1 for every £250 (i think anyway) but what I was wondering is if that is worked out and applied separately to each benefit claimed or is it worked out on the total of all the benefits? I claimed housing for a while and had I been honest about my savings I would have only lost £20 a week. I got ESA for a short while when in hospital too. I was trying to work out if that means I would have still only lost £20 per week or does the housing + ESA make it £40 per week. I don't even know if I make sense sorry....
  11. Ah I see, blimey I thought the council were getting people arrested for not telling them about receiving money.
  12. Is that the reason they arrested you because you never told them about the money straight away?
  13. You were arrested and your computers taken for having £6000 in the bank? And is all this because you never told the council about the money or was the arrest for something else? That must be an awful experience.
  14. I'm a bit emotional this morning, I burst into tears when I read that *hug*
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