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  1. I thought they scrapped mandatory work placements back in March.
  2. You certainly learn by your mistakes. I just closed my JSA claim and carer's credit was backdated to the start date on my carer's allowance claim form. I didn't expect that. I should have claimed carer's allowance + IS from the date that my mother was awarded attendance allowance.
  3. I'll just leave things as they are. My local jobcentre has been having major computer problems for several weeks, so no signing on and no interviews. Most staff are not there. The payments are still going through somehow. I visited my local council about my changing circumstances, and he did an advanced notice for me. He also seemed to think that my housing benefit / CT would just need a change of circumstance and no need to reapply.
  4. Thanks. On the carer's allowance form, it asked for a start date for the claim. I chose the 2nd of may, which was stupid as I should have used the date of my mother's attendance allowance award, which was in mid-april.
  5. I'm still not sure when to claim IS. Do I claim it now or wait until the carer's allowance payments start? And when should I stop my JSA claim? It seems that from 15/06/2016, they will be paying me JSA + CA + Carers premium. I don't want to be on JSA when I'm working as a carer for at least 35 p/w.
  6. Well, got the carer's allowance. It will start on 20/06/2016 paid a month in arears, so the first payment will be 11/07/2016. I am still on JSA at the moment and got a letter today saying my JSA will be £45.60 from 15/06/2016. I want to stop claiming JSA but not sure when to do it. I started a claim for IS today to start at the same time as the CA, but was told I need to wait until 19/06/2016 to claim IS. I was also told I may need to start a fresh claim for housing benefit.
  7. From reading some of the reports online, an early admission of guilt, expressing remorse and an offer to repay the money usually leads to a slap on the wrist.
  8. I'm wary of claiming carer's allowance as some information online says it can affect my mother's council tax reduction, but I don't know by how much. My mother and I are joint tenants (scotland), so we each pay half of the rent/council tax. I certainly provide well over 35 hours of care a week. It wouldn't bother me to have work focused interviews as I've had hundreds of these in the past. I'm still not sure why I should claim both CA and IS if it works out the same as just claiming IS and carer's premium, unless CA has some hidden advantages.
  9. I did the work programme with working links. Most of the time I just went in every 2 weeks to do a one hour job search. Sometimes they just phoned me for a quick chat, so I didn't have to attend. If they think you have no chance of getting a job, then they will mostly ignore you for the whole 2 years. They have targets to meet, so they will focus on the most employable people.
  10. I am trying to decide whether to claim carer's allowance or income support. I intend to become a carer for my mother who gets attendance allowance. I am 50 and claiming income based JSA. I live with my mother in a council house.
  11. I went to a retail sector based work academy information session. I think what happens will vary depending on which provider is doing the academy. When I got there, I was asked to fill in an application form that asked for my personal details and what work experience I had. There were about 15 other people including me there. A woman from the job centre was also there and asked for my national insurance number and which jobcentre I attend. She also said that I would have to keep a job search diary while on the academy. Then a woman from the provider got us to do some exercises to test ou
  12. I wonder if anyone from Renfrewshire is having the same problem. I have been waiting 7 months for my DHP application (to pay the bedroom tax) to be processed. I have contacted the office a few times by email and get the same response "we are dealing with many of these forms and your claim will be reviewed". I have also sent in a new claim for DHP starting this april 2015 and have still heard nothing. I successfully got DHP twice before but since the SNP announced they will be fully mitigating the bedroom tax everything seems to be at a standstill.
  13. According to Citizen_x, if you were on post work programme support before April 2014 you will be staying on it and not referred to Help to Work.
  14. Well, here's hoping it works out for you.
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