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  1. Hi Veganite Thankyou sop much for sticking up for consumer rights, someone aftre my own heart!! I have now had a good start of a resolution from BH, in less than 2 hours after the post this morning, the regional manager phoned told me that the store where the original purchase would call me to arrange an engineer first to see if the FF is repairable, this was made to me after about 15 mins. If it is deemed unrepairable then a replacemnet FF will be given, this will be happening Tuesday next week. Charlotte is just happy that she will be getting a working FF.
  2. Hi Jason Thankyou for your response please ensure that the manager calls me on the numbers I have provided, do not contact Charlotte directly as she has already given me permission to speak on her behalf
  3. Hi Vehanite, I am not having any luck with this retailer, I had a response from Jason at brighthouse on this forum and the promise to get this resolved has fallen by the wayside. I was told I would receive a telephone call from a regional manager (who I know is called Lee) but that was on Monday, still no contact atall? He had a letter from BH CS last Friday to say they were invetsigating the matter, whats to invetsigate the fridge freezer does not work, simple!! To invetsigate it they need to go and see the FF, no-one has been out. My daughter
  4. Jason I have just sent you an email using the refermce nmuber you gave me in the above post, the account holder has given me permission to speak on her behalf as she is too stressed out at the moment as the baby may come early. So this is now of utmost importance to get a staisfactory resolution to this issue.
  5. You are correct Conniff, a working fridge freezer is what we paid for and expect to have for more than 6 months!! Lets see what happens after the phonecall from the regional manager as Jason has suggested will happen. I will update the thread with the outcome
  6. Hi Renegadeimp, dont worry about that we shall not be going to the store so there will no chance of that! Jason at Brighthouse who posted above has said that the details will be passed to the regional manager who will contact her as she is the account holder but I will ensure I am there for that too. I am hoping that they do the just thing and replace the samsung fridge freezer with a LfL product? I have noted however that the samsung fridge freezers are no longer listed, the CS person told me that they were discontinued so it wont be replaced by one of those, maybe they found there was a p
  7. Thankyou Jason, I have just spoken to BH and they have more or less said the same. I will be seeing her over the next few days so she can do this
  8. Thankyou Renegadeimp, the law is on our side unfortunately time is not, she cannot be without a working fridge with a new born baby, she lives in a small 2 bedroom flat so there is no space for a little countertop fridge or I would just go out and buy her one. I will go to the store in question as first point of call, followed by a recorderd letter to head office but I fear they will not take a blind bit of notice. It is so frustrtaing as she gott into serious debt to pay these people and now they are not even honouring her purchase even after full payment h
  9. Hi Jason, Maybe you could do the same for my daughter in that case, it concerns the Bletchley Store in Milton Keynes My daughter purchased a Samsung fridge freezer from BH last year, after about 5 months the fridge started freezing, it was sent back to Samsung for repair, after a few weeks it was unrepairable subsequently BH had to give her another fridge freezer which they delivered in January 2014 it was the same model, brand new so all good. as she finished paying for it is February of this year and now the same issue is happening and BH say it is
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