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  1. Thank-you Slick. Can you please translate the abreviations on paragraph 3 of your thread!! Remember you're dealing with non computer savvy!! I know they're watching me on here so have omitted some things because I don't want to give them more amo than I have to!! Please advise:-) Don't know how I missed your reply earlier, I kept refreshing the page, it was only When I shut down and came back to the CAG, that I got your reply!! Please advise:-)
  2. Hi Slick, I assume that the copies of the stamped bank receipts that I sent to them, showing that payments were made but not applied to my account, have now been taken into consideration, and the amount outstanding was near enough the same as the payments made. In view of the letter received from them yesterday, informing me that they are dealing with my queries, should I still apply to the court on Monday for a hearing, eventhough they have stated that they will reply by the 3rd week of next month??
  3. Hi Slick, The account isn't in arrears. I have taken a lower interest loan from family which I can afford, until I sell up and pay in full. The total outstanding mortgage now is only £1100 but they seem to have written that off after reading the letter that I received today.
  4. Thank-you sabresheep, yes sent letter before action 2 wks ago tomorrow, sent recorded delivery, was received and signed for 2 wks this coming Monday. When do I file, 2 wks from when I sent it or 2 wks from them receiving it???
  5. Hi Slick, sorry for not replying, I had malware, whilst deleting the rubbish I deleted something else so lost my computer until it was restored by a professional!!! Received 2 letters from them today, first dated 20/2/15 stating "We are writing to let you know that we have received the final amount you paid to redeem this account. This means that our solicitors have been instructed to discharge the account and remove the legal charge against the property. Please cancel any direct debit or standing order you have set up to make payments to this loan. If you have any questions, please contact us...." The second dated 23/2/15 stating " You will recall that we wrote to you explaining that we are looking into your concerns and would be back in touch with our findings." They never did, this is the first I have heard from them except for letters telling me that I have to settle my account before 3/3/15 with outstanding balance of approx £1100. I have paid nothing since how can they close my account with this amount outstanding?? They then go on to say "We are sorry that we are not yet in a position to respond to your complaint in full. As you are aware, we aim to give you a full response before 23/3/15, which is 8 wks from the date we received your original complaint. If you are unhappy with the progress being made at that time, you have the right to contact the arbitrator. If we can help with anything in the meantime, please feel free to contact us..." What should I do ? I thought my account had to be active to take them to court, and how can they shut my account whilst there is a) money outstanding on it and b) an ongoing dispute. Please help!!
  6. Dear Slick, firstly thank-you and please accept my apologies for delay, but since I got your reply and got home today, I have been working on the temp letter you linked. . But , as usual, tried to get back to CAG but had a load of gumph, ran glarys, but had to wait for alternative help to remove c**p that somehow has got on here! Sincere apologies. Can I just clarify one thing with you, on the pre action letter, there are 2 options. I have opted for the 2nd. can you please advise as to whether resitutionary interest is the same as compound interest. I know that I have to adjust the template accordingly but if I word it using the word compound instead of retitutionary is that ok?
  7. Hi Slick!! You are my guardian cag angel!! Yes I sent the prelim claim letter, the spreadsheets plus a covering letter requesting an upto date statement etc but to no avail. I have printed the receipt from Royal Mail showing proof of received delivery. So Sorry Slick but what do you mean by iba marked as such?? so sorry don't understand. I followed the link from iba and I thought that I had to lodge my appeal at the local court. I may have got that wrong???
  8. Hi! Sent everything off recorded delivery, got a signature, its now been over 2 weeks but nothing from them. Court action???? I have still been working on this and have noticed after I borrowed (from family), and paid off a huge amount of my mortgage they still continued charging me the same amount of interest plus additional interest. I know i am not that smart but this can't be right. Surely as a majority of the mortgage had been decreased the interest should be lower! I have printed off some cag information on small claims procedeure shall I now go ahead with it??? Can they proceed with closing my account with them whilst I am in dispute with them? Please advise ps. thanks so much for all your help so far, it has boosted my confidence in my capability!
  9. Thank-you Slick you're a star!! I will send it off tomorrow but whos attention shall I mark it for??
  10. Thank-you so much Slick. The template states late payment fees but their £40 charge was for being in arrears. Do I amend the letter?? Also, I have bank stamped receipts in my paying in book from the payments I made at the bank but they were not applied to my account. Shall I enclose copies of those with the letter?? It will prove I made the payments.
  11. Thank-you both, Dx and Slick. Here it is and what a difference. Sincere thanks to you both. I would never have believed it amounted to this. What do I do now? Court action or contact them??
  12. Thank you so much Dx, top left box is claimant name, do you mean int rate apr box???? Thank-you slick will do!
  13. Thank-you Dx. Does this look right to you? 1) 6.8971 2) divided by 11 = 0.627009 3) converted to APR =7.79% compounded, 7.53% not compounded. What interest rate do I apply to the spreadsheet compounded or not compounded and what is cell d.15???
  14. Thank-you Slick132, how do I do this?? It's all a foreign language to me thst's how I ended up in this mess!! I am afraid step by step instrructions are needed:oops:
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