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  1. Thanks Slick - Reasoned, as always! Will keep you posted. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Why do I sense that they were dipping their toe in the water again? My response : "I refer to your email of 7th June 2016 and must ask why you are seeking contact from me?" SE response : "In order for me to discuss the file with you for data protection purposes can you please confirm the first line of your address and postcode. Once this is confirmed I can disclose the details of the account to you." My response : Provided above details SE response : "Sorry the email was sent in error." This is despite the fact that it was sent P&C with a previous
  3. Hey Slick, I have responded as you suggest, I'll post updates and any correspondence I receive as it arrives. Cheers
  4. Hi all, Feels like a while since I've been in touch - so thought I'd catch up with my friends at CAG While I should have, I absent-mindedly neglected to inform you all that the notification of discontinuance was filed on the 3 Sept 2015. I have heard/received nothing of this affair. Well, at least until Tuesday this week... I've received an email from the solicitors (Spratt Endicott) who represented Harlands/CRS : "We have been trying to contact you. Please could you contact us on 01295 204074 regarding our reference 1xxxxx.xx2 between 9.00 am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday a
  5. Hi Slick.. Of course, I'm very pleased. They're clearly a persistent bunch, so I hold little hope they'll rest... As always, your assistance and support in these matters has been nothing short of phenomenal. Have a great B/H weekend. Cheers
  6. Hi all, I have now received a letter from SE saying: "Please be advised that our client the Claimant is withdrawing the Claim from the Court. However this matter is now being passed back to our client Credit Resolution Services." Seems I may have another bout of correspondence from CRS in the next few weeks.... Cheers
  7. Hi Slick, The letter of offer was from Spratt Endicott. As below: "SETTLEMENT OFFER - £193.17 - WITHOUT PREJUDICE We refer to the above names matter and to recent legal proceedings and your defence submitted in this matter. Our client is willing to accept a reduced settlement figure of £193.17 in order to draw this matter to a close. If you cannot pay immediately, we can arrange a different arrangement over a longer period. All repayment offers and settlement proposals will be considered, call us and see what we can arrange for you or alternatively you can email email addy
  8. Hi Crunchy Good luck in whatever engagements you have with Harlands. Guys - I have no idea what happened with the county court claim made against me, but after the submission of the latest defence I have received an offer of settlement. The current "balance" is set at 386.33, which they've kindly offered settlement at £193.17. Does this mean that Spratt Endicott / Harlands / CRS have chosen not to pursue the county court claim? How do you think I should proceed? Cheers
  9. Sorry - the above information was based upon a conversation with MCOL this afternoon. I've issued the defence: "Please see the defence to the above resissued claim: The claim is denied. The claimant has not supplied an account dated 16/08/2014 detailing the amount claimed." Cheers
  10. Hi, I'll put this as matter of factly as I possibly can due to time and clarity. The court are yet to receive a Certificate of Service. This means they have no record of the date the claimant served the reissued claim. This is still documented by the court and claimant as 05th March 2015. Their advice is to assume date of receipt (unknown by me) as the issue date - and to issue a new defence ASAP. They may supposedly still receive a Certificate of Service - despite previous instruction to me from the court andthe fact that it's around a month since the reissue. Unless
  11. As part of the AoS I did ask the question about what process to follow for issuing the defence. I'll update when I receive a response. Cheers
  12. Hi, I spoke to MCOL today and they told me that the Certificate of Service had not been received by them. That the reissued claim was sent with an incorrect Issue Date, and that in light of this an AoS may be submitted by me today - this will set the AoS date and presumably then the Defence issue deadline. I have submitted the AoS with the intention to defend in full. Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, I have reviewed the the documents provided by Spratt Endicott and compared them to the original Claim. The original claim contained a password and clearly indicated that the claim could be responded to online. The reissued claim does not contain a password - and makes no reference to an online response facility. I can provide a screen shot of the MCOL Status Summary page which provides no facility to issue any further AoS, nor does it currently require any additional defence? Must I provide this AoS/Defence reissue by mail only? Which leads me on to - Spratt E
  14. Apologies, The issue date on the reissued claim (received from Spratt Endicott) is the 5th March 15 (not 15th) - anyhow, it's certainly not a "new" date. However, I have just noticed on the docs received from the court, that there are a number of different dates, the general direction (N24) order has the date: 19th May 2015. And contains the text: - Permission is granted to amend the Claimants name from Credi Resolution Services to AG Fitness Ltd t/a Vitality 4 Less. - The life of the claim to be extended until 14/9/15. - The claimant shall serve the Claim Form and the Respo
  15. Hi guys, Thanks. The issue date on the newly received (reissued) form is the same as the original claim 15/03/2015. Cheers
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