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  1. Also can the same Judge who gave judgement, reside over and make the decision over a N244 ? thanks
  2. So will we be going back to court for the Charging Order or is this only if we fail payments? Thansks
  3. been to strike out court with shoosmiths on behalf of natwest Got a payment plan which set up straight away which they have agreed, although they have informed us are putting charging order on house Now we are paying direct to shoosmith - WHy? Also have received letter from land registry re interim charging order, WHy ? I thought they could only apply if C O if no payment plan set up
  4. Shoosmith where taking us to court should have been october but they applied for strike out , went to court Judge ignored everthying that we said, they was a joint bank account that alleged opened in jan 1987 , but was not even married till 1992. And alleged loan whch was a shoddy photo copy of a loan agreemnet in 2008 which looked like it had been tampered with as different fonts used on part of loan agreement no loan number on As we have been asking for over 1 year for a original to inspect at court, Judge did grant us that we could inspect orig
  5. Sent N244 to court to get judgement struck out , Had a reply from court , the same judge who served the judgement - responded out of time. Judgement served 1st August 2014, sent N244 to court 12thSeptember, Is this correct
  6. by the way the judge also said although if would not make any difference to the outcome, that he gave us permission to view original document ./agreement
  7. A screen shot of a with single line Formal demand sent 11/11/11 again the account number is just visible and amount you can not make out thanks
  8. Thanks for that is a alleged personal loan and the NW Bank
  9. Yes they have and the judge agreed with them and issued CCJ
  10. ok thanks would this have any bearing CPR RULE 16 7.3 Where a claim is based upon a written agreement: (1) a copy of the contract or documents constituting the agreement should be attached to or served with the particulars of claim and the original(s) should be available at the hearing, and (2) any general conditions of sale incorporated in the contract should also be attached (but where the contract is or the documents constituting the agreement are bulky this practice direction is complied with by attaching or serving only the relevant parts of the contract
  11. Hi i am disputing a copy of a loan agreement i have asked for from major bank Its a very shoddy copy and some of the type set has changed and also looks like been copied over. I was just wondering what legally is passed as a exceptable copy , as there is no loan number and there are no terms and conditions The bank say the have ful filled their duty with CCA section 77 Just wondered if there are any other avenues i can go along as i disagree with certain parts of the agreement. As feel the agreement is not a genuine copy many thanks
  12. Just thought i would post rundown on ev3nts Joint account for alleged overdraft and 2 loans with Nitwest 3 letters an estoppel in August 2013 Then Triton . estoppel Then Shxxsmiths solicitors on behalf Nitwest . in October 2013 wrote re 5 alleged debts only upon receiving court claim form = noted 2 alleged debts had zero balance. They started court proceedings. we defended claim in Jan 2014 . Not much to Defend as had nothing from Nitsest except threaten letters We had not received any evidence till April 2014 where upon received copy of a
  13. We contacted court and they informed us it would cost to go through the court
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