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  1. Thanks for your input UK26, I totally agree with what you have to say. I have just asked about this situation as a concerned father worried about where his daughter stands in this seemingly grey area.
  2. cheers aretnap and unclebulgaria67 for pointing this out so quickly. Her insurance company was with Debenhams and her policy did say that under these circumstances they would seek reimbursement. I just thought after looking at a few things online that the insurance company might be trying it on and seeing if she would just pay up with a threatening letter.
  3. Can anyone shed any light on this once and for all. My daughter was involved in a drink drive incident last may and she was subsequently fined and banned. At the time i was concerned about the damage she had caused and would the insurance company cover the third party damages cost. The duty solicitor informed me that the insurance company, under the road traffic act will cover all third party claims. However 14 months later my daughter has received a letter from her insurance company wanting £1400 and threatening court action if she does not pay up. They are saying her insurance cover had become void because of her being over the limit and she would be responsible for any third party claims, they have paid out and are now looking to being reimbursed. I have had a look online for any information relating to drink/drive incidents and insurance companies recovering their losses. This seems a bit of a grey area and would appreciate any information relating to this.
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