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  1. i really dont know what they mean by resolving at the earliest opportunity.i am thinking of calling tfl tomorrow to speak with someone regarding settling out of court, cause i am really worried about this issue.
  2. The summon says Requisition to attend..... magistrate courtyou are required to appear on tuesday ...befor the magistrate court to answer the following charge.That you on the 7th of ...... being a passanger on a public service vehicle operated on behalf of london bus services limited being used for carriage of passengers at separate fares, did use in relation to journey you were taking a ticket which had been issued for use by another person on terms that it is not transferable.contrary to regulation7(1)(b) of public service vehicle conduct of drivers inspectors,conductors & passengers) regulation1990 SI No.1020 and contrary to section25(3) of public pessenger vehicle Act 1981.An application will be made in court for a £130 contribution towards the cost of transport for london. there will also be an application for compensation of £1:45 fare in respect of fare avoided. further cost may be inccurred if additional documentation is required or if the matter is not resolved at the earliest oppotunity.
  3. there wasnt any foto card on it, i picked up a wallet not knowing it is hers.
  4. Hi i got a court summon to appear in court in 20 days time i dont know what to do pls any advice will be appreciated
  5. Hi thanks again, i received a reply this morning.the title reads TRAVEL IRREGULARITY. The reply reads Thank you for your letter, The oyster card you refer to serial number..........- was at the time of travel, a pay as you go oyster card which had not been validated for the journey you were taking, nor did it carry any product which would have covered you for that journey. A pay as you go oyster card is only a valid ticket after it has been presented to the reader on the bus and the correct fare has been deducted for the journey. Using someone else non transferable pass is a strict liability offence and proof that the act was commited is sufficient for conviction, regardless of whether or not it was intentional. i must point out that legal proceedings may still be taken against you. pls i am so worried about this cause i dont want to go to court.
  6. hi good morning, this is what i intend to write to tfl, pls check if theres any way i have implicate or worsen matter. I refer to your letter dated 15/08/14. In which you have ask for my explanation. On the 06/08/14, i left home to do some shopping, i took a travelling card from the computer desk where we normally drop our passes, i never check properly to be sure of which pass, because the wallets look alike, and there was no photo card in my wife’s wallet to able to identify them but i am very sure of my pre pay card that it is valid never realise i took the wrong oyster not until i was told by the inspector on the bus tried to explain to the inspector that i picked the wrong oyster that i have a pass that is valid for my journey but accidentally picked the wrong one but he requested for my details which i gave to him. I sincerely Apologise for my mistake and mix-up, i do not know how i could be absent minded not to notice i have picked up the wrong travel card, this was my first time of committing such an error, i will in future ensure that my wife keeps her photo card with her oyster and will mark her wallet to ensure it is distinguishable so that it can’t be picked up Accidentally again. Would you kindly consider me paying any fare due and any administration expenses as an alternative to court as it wasn’t intentional but even though it wasn’t intentional, i fully accept my responsibility for this event. Please find a copy of my 2 oyster cards attached. Yours faithfully..........
  7. Thanks very much for your time and advice.
  8. Her foto card wasn't in the wallet together with the oyster I only saw the oyster alone and I took it, it was after this incident I now realise that the oyster she use wasn't a new one, even the same oyster still have my credit of £10 onit and the wallet was the same with the other ones on the computer desk.
  9. Hi there wasn't any picture to identify the difference, and as I said before this card belong to me but was not registered on my name, and they all look alike, she was able to register it because it was a prepaid, so I can't identify it cause I don't know the numbers, this was a mistake and I accept my error but wasn't intentional and this was my first time either cause the discount travel card was just 3days old.
  10. Thanks for your response, my wife's oyster was picked accidentally, this was realise when I was caught by the inspector, he never listen to my explanation cause he was busy trying to confirm my details but the truth is that the oyster was picked wrongly by me though mine was valid too but I know this is not an excuse I just don't want to be prosecuted in court, how do I reply tfl
  11. Actually I own the 3 oysters but 2 were not registered, even this very one that got me into trouble was having £10 of mine on it unknowingly to my wife, before she bought her discount travel fare on it, I used her oyster not knowing I would be cut out with it, but please how do I go about it?
  12. Hello everyone, a quick advice needed cause i meant to reply letter in 2 days. my wife was on a job seeker discount bus pass,we had 3 oyster card in the family one was register in my name, the remainning 2 were not, just pay as you go,my weekly pass expired a day befor this incident,i alway make sure i have funds in my oysters incase of emmagency, on this day 2 of my oyster have a minimum of £12 each,but i wasnt sure of which,i took 2 oysters along with me not knowing one belong to my wife,on the bus i got cought by the inspector, cause the one i use was my wife's, i try to explain to the inspector but he said i should give him my details which i did,i wouldnt mind paying a fine cause criminal record will really affect my job, pls how do i write and not to complicate matter? cause in there letter i was ask to explain why i travel on a bus without valid oyster card that any thing i wrote could be use against me in court.
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