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  1. Well I owed eBay some selling fees and I got a letter through the post stating I owe eBay £16.15 for the selling fees and £8 for the DCA fees totalling £24.15 I paid the £16.15 via PayPal which left me to pay for the DCA fees which I payed by card over the phone and debt gone... Well today I was at my girl friends and my dad rang me and stated someone rang for me at home, transcom on behalf of eBay. Why are they still ringing me? Is it worth me ringing them to see what the problem is as I don't want them ringing me saying I owe money when I have alr
  2. I'v just paid the £16.15 to ebay. just rang them, and said I already paid the payment off and resolved between me and ebay. They said that I still owe them the agency fees of £8 so they put that on hold until the 9th of sept according to the guy that I phone. If I dont pay the £8 is their a chance it'll build up over time if I just ignore it? I'v just looked through google any there seems to be a lot of fake letter been sent out everywhere so I'm thinking of waiting it out.
  3. I have received a letter from a company called Transcom who are a debt collecting agency. Stating I owe £24.15 to ebay. I wasn't aware that I owe ebay anything as they have been sending me emails it states as I owed them selling fees. The problem is I never check emails as I have no reason to and not used ebay in the a long time. I have just checked my emails after receiving this letter and it states I owe £16.15. not a lot of money obviously... Well on the letter it states I owe them £24.15 which is more than I originally owe. I have checked google and it states sometimes
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