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  1. Thank you everybody for your replies, you have been of help Best to all
  2. Would you recommend me to pay the 247 pound fee to avoid court action? or to go to court? Would you recommend me to write a reply saying that i have already paid the 260 pound fee for releasing the car? do you think it is not paying twice for the same offence?? thanks for the advice
  3. Sorry i am new to this page and i don't know how it works well. I live in Reading and i brought a Spanish car with Spanish registration on the 8th June 2014. I brought the car into UK for bringing goodies into my home in Reading. On the 16th June 2014 a police officer stopped my partner when he was driving the car and the police officer clamped and impounded the car because the car was used in UK without a UK license and UK tax. On the 17th June i paid 260 pound fee for releasing the car from the pound and paying a surety fee. Then, i was explained that the car neede
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