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  1. GOOD AFTERNOON creepin60 journalists trawl through the web 24/7 looking for stories, as long as we keep complaining about the P.H.S.O G.M.C and other useless complaints procedures the more they will investigate gathering enough info for an exposure and with the election coming up this is the time to bombard the government publically asking for transparency on how are taxes are distributed
  2. GOOD MORNING think about it. I see where the misunderstanding has come about it should have read " it is my insurance about all the blatant lies told by n.h.s staff including managers and legal staff employed by the n.h.s. " this was meant to only to include those staff involved in my particular complaint. I know the the majority of n.h.s staff are good people I have had excellent care under the n.h.s.most of my life 7 months ago I had an accident and was taken to A & E, had the most amazing care, stayed in hospital and on my trauma ward there were several octogenarians
  3. a freedom of information was requested regarding private use of internet by the P.H.S.O staff and sites they visited was posted on the " what do they know " website. the answers were very amusing. they basically do not monitor time staff spent on private browsing but a few of the websites visited were apparently how to make illegal drugs from magic mushrooms and coki leaves. that does explain quite a lot about the P.H.S.O and their staff
  4. GOOD MORNING honey bee thanks for the definition of poltroonery, surely you realise we or at least I was trying to be witty and no offence was intended and hope none was taken
  5. GOOD MORNING nolegion I think that the 40 out of 100 patients that record covertly is quite low, patients have an idea their doctor//consultant/nurse would not be happy to allow recordings. I never asked permission, unfortunately they know now that I have been recording for quite some time. it is my insurance. nolegion its hilarious that your tweet was banned using that hashtag by the C,Q.C's it shows they are living in their own little bubble and that they consider we the general public are just a nuisance. ps. is poltroonery an actual word, if not WHY NOT.?
  6. I think the time as come to number every page and entry of medical records in chronological order why this has never been done before is a disgrace
  7. GOOD AFTERNOON brian48 you say you received missing medical notes in 2013 I presume this included the missing notes although when your solicitor sent for your medical notes some were missing am I understanding you correctly when I presume you already have the missing notes or are there several more that are missing
  8. GOOD AFTERNOON sali just to lighten the day I love the acronym MPTS it really is poetic justice
  9. GOOD AFTERNOON creepin60 you say you would not like to think you are responsible for jeopardising a doctors career. but you can bet the nhs phso gmc and all the other trusts and complaint bodies would not think twice about jeopardising the lives and future wellbeing of people who have suffered because of them. they cannot be trusted. ADOPT A ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH
  10. you are quite right we do know where that leaves democracy. up s**t creek without a paddle.
  11. so say most of the population, where does that leave democracy
  12. GOOD EVENING nolegion just opened my email and have been sent at 15.43 my reply from b.k at the p.h.s.o ombudsman and I quote " as explained currently the office is only giving complainants one week to provide information we need to consider their complaint in more detail " its still unclear to me but make of it what you will
  13. i have been emailed by a b.k from p.h.s.o a customer service officer regarding a new complaint well it was part of the old complaint but they decided it was a new complaint and i had to re apply. in his email with documentation it said if i did not give them details within a week they would close the case. i phoned this customer service officer he then told me " it is recent new policy that the ombudsman have decided i then emailed him again as i was slightly confused about this new ruling i am still awaiting a response does anyone know when this new ruling came into place.
  14. I was asked when i first complained to the ombudsman what I hoped to achieve from my complaint. my response was simple I wished the nurse to explain to me why she assaulted me in the way she did during the smear test, I was not asking for financial reward. I have just found out from the practice manager that this nurse is no longer in their employ. I reminded him that did not make the nurse or the practice immune from further action including appealing to the ombudsman. because of what they have put me through these last two years the practice manager and my gp were complicit in hiding t
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