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  1. Thank you for the swift reply DX I'm aware you have a great reputation on here so thanks for reading my thread. So you suggest to fire a CCA Request to Robo I will indeed do this. I also have a catalogue debt with lowlife should I fire one at them or let sleeping dogs lie for now? The PAP is first steps towards A CCJ am I correct in thinking. Would I not be leaving myself with less time to challenge this or is it a case options open up once this has begun. ? Thanks Dx
  2. to cut a long story Short I had a massive breakdown in a long term relationship 5 years ago leaving me with large debts. I'm a reformed person now to how I used to be with money and I'm looking to get a mortgage. I have ignored these debts as I'm aware of the statue barred system. Sadly the other day I have received 2 pre legal assesment letters from Lowlifes based on 2 old O2 accounts. I'm aware that the pre assesment is just a threat but it's one I need to take seriously based on my mortgage applications. The drop off date is not till next summer. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth to set up a payment plan for this although it could be the way forward. I maybe up for full and final but the accounts equate to £1000 roughly. Can someone advise me on the best option for these without judging. I have previously beaten lowlife in court for a ccj based on another communications account I held based on no CCA to prove it was mine although I think I got very lucky as I'm aware it's not regulated under the CCA. I currently have another CC account which I'm fighting with Roboway via the prove it method for which they have wrote to me twice over the months stating they are having issues with the original creditor. Sorry for the long read but this is massively important I avoid a CCJ.
  3. Just out of curiosity if its not secured what would be the next step because my mother is sadly in bits and will make the wrong decisions concerning these debts. Thanks for the advice everyone
  4. Ah thanks now I understand I will get this checked I imagine there is yes.
  5. There are no judgements on the property Dx if that's what you mean by charges everything has been paid up to date and on time.
  6. Hi I'm after some information please. Last week my grandfather died. Sadly he owes Barclay card roughly £7000. I believe this card was taken out as a secured card on his property. In his will he has left his house to both of his daughters 50% each. My grandmother also passed 3 months ago. My question is, because he had equity in the house is it up to my mother who now owns 50% of the house to pay this debt. If so So Should the debt be split as she only has 50% of the house.
  7. Hi Lee my reference number is ######, I'm only interested in contact via email or letter . Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Okay thanks Brigadiers was wondering when I offer my plan whether it's worth trying this before I make a payment plan offer can't see I've got anything to lose or do you think I'm better staying clear
  9. One other thing guys how realistic is the write off letter in the library anyone had any experience with it ?
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will CCA the defaults if there is no liability but would seem it might not be worth including them in my pay plan option as they drop off in just over a year and I don't want to reset the limitations act clock. I have a funny feeling both defaults will struggle to come up with the paper work.
  11. Thanks for the response Dx I have 6 other debts about to go into default stage 2 with 02 one with Vodafone Jd williams Ladder loans/Inventive finance Aqua credit card If I CCA the old defaulted debts am I admitting liability for it ? I haven't looked into the PPI as I was dubious about admitting the debt to be honest. I read if I paid any money they can restart the default date so I have managed to avoid it up till now and I certainly don't want to do that. I am new to this so sorry if I sound inexperienced. The date of default on my Cabot file also seems wrong as I never paid that much towards the credit card maybe 4 months payments if even that (young and stupid). Vanquish originally had the account and would have thought they would have defaulted me well within the 15 months period stated above. Once again if I chase the penalties am I not I admitting liability so the default date starts again ? This is my worry if I include them with my pay plan deal once I start paying they can extend the default or do I have this totally wrong. Thanks Mike Also the address I have for Cabot and capital one is a Po box. Can I send a CCA to that address if it needs to be signed for.
  12. Hi, I'm new to this and hope I have posted in the correct place I need some advice regarding some old debts I have if anyone can advise me please. Recently I had a break down in a long term relationship and now have got myself in trouble with several recent debts as I've been left a single father who has sole custody of my child. I am only able to work part time and have been in contact with pay plan to try and get my new debts sorted. I was silly in my younger years and managed to obtain 2 defaults on my credit file. I have 1 debt with capital one Balance £371 Default balance £506 Account start date 02/05/2008 Default date 27/11/2009. Credit limit £200 and another with Cabot financial services Opening balance £548 Default balance £548 todays balance £657 account start date 22/09/2008 Default date 31/03/2010 Original lender Vanquish credit card limit £250 I have not spoken to any of the default creditors in the last 4/5 years admitting to no debt. Pay plan have advised me that I should add these debts into a payment plan however I'm not so sure this is a wise idea as I will be admitting the debt and the 6 years can restart as they are close to being statue barred. What should I do regarding these debts ? Cabot have added fees on there for which I have no idea what for and also capital one. I receive no letters from capital one regarding this debt and receive letters threatening letters from Cabot. I'm not looking for a way out but don't know if it's wise adding them into a payment plan at this stage the debts are so old. Thanks for your time
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