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  1. Hi, Spoken to HSBC this morning and they said they will need to send me a declaration form and asked me to fill out alongside with covering letter explaining the fault. They also asked me to obtain an acknowledgment letter from A certified technician or Merchant who has capability to check the fridge freezer. After submitting these 3 docs (Declaration form, Cover letter and certificated technician letter) they will then be able to process the reverse transaction. I have then asked if this is a common process that is followed by other banks and he said yes he also added this also what has been recognised by Financial ombudsman service. In theory this is a progress through getting money back however it will now leave me with thinking of finding a technician who could validate this fault etc. it's not strait forward unfortunately. I wonder if this was the same process other people followed when they made a request for reverse transaction from any other banks?
  2. Many thanks both for your advise. Yes, I called my bank HSBC today and referred to the dispute. Dispute department who is dealing with the reverse transaction is not working over the weekend they have raised an issue ticket for me and asked me to wait follow up call on Monday. Hopefully relevant department will proceed without further process involved. Thanks again and will let you know the outcome
  3. Hi, Thanks for your immediate answers and suggestions. We have bought that from Currys online with using my credit card. Annoying thing is Currys keep referring to Samsung to acknowledge the fact that Fridge is faulty however Samsung’s service engineer didn’t report this back as faulty and when i received the call yesterday i was truly shocked A- because of being mislead by service engineer - even though he said he has never seen this type of paint issue before (Cutchey Repairs@Basildon - Mike Cutchey) B- Case handling and courtesy provided by Samsung and Currys collectively. It seems they do not remember their existence in open market is fed by ONLY customers but hey-ho there is no such a thing as customer rights in their mentality seems. if there is any doubt then blame the customer. I don’t want to continue to illustrate how frustrated i am but long story short, yesterday night I have then taken some pictures from faulty paint section and send it back to Samsung technical centre (uk.technical@samsung.com). If they still say no is there any independent expert who could asses this fault? Plus i still need to challenge Currys under the “The Sale of Goods Act 1979” but they are incredibly slippery middleman doesn’t care about customer at all. Last note - do not know how can I attach my pictures on this posting - if you advise me please then could add same pictures i sent to samsung yesterday. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, We have bought fridge freezer (RL60GZEMG) from Currys .Freezer delivered on 10-Aug-2014 and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on which we did however afterwords noticed two faults with the fridge freezer. 1-Paint Fault on internal panel - It seems someone made a rework at manufacturing facility and its obvious when you open the door. We have paid £629 for brand new condition whereas this one should have been classified as outlet/discounted due to paint fault. I called Currys and they have booked engineer visit. Engineer came (14-Aug-2014) and took picture with his mobile phone (with broken screen) and advised to wait call from Samsung in 48 hrs. Today I received call from Samsung and they said its working as it should be and there is no fault with the fridge!!! 2- Second thing, Fridge motor was very loud. We waited an overnight to see if that was a loudness due to first kick off but wasn’t, it didn’t go away. I have decided to measure dB with my phone and it was showing 84dB whereas its advertised as 40dB. During the engineer visit i mentioned that point as well and he removed back cover and checked the motor (didn’t say nothing) and did not measure the loudness just said its normal wait until it wears out and it won’t make same sound!!! At the end we decided to return this back to Currys. I have send them an email on 11-Aug-2014 requesting return and no response received for a while and I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on,they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. Now I’m quite frustrated and equally confused. Currys doesn't accept return back whereas I know we have statuary right to return anything back within first 14 days regardless of open/unopened condition of the item. Samsung doesn’t recognise above two points and i end up requesting another engineer visit but i do not want to play with fault card even though there is a genuine fault with the product. Can you please advise me how can get Currys to accept this return, who do i need to escalate this? to Ombudsman, Trade office or Citizen advise bureau honestly fed up with this and desperate for any help. Many thanks
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