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  1. Hello All, During my employment starting Sept-2013, the employer did not pay me any pension for the first five months. After searching through on internet, I believe that as per pension legislation, the employers should have made a minimum contribution of 1%, with a matching 0.8% (+ 0.2%) contribution coming from my salary. They did start paying the minimum pension, but only from Feb-2014. In fact the HR called me in Jan-14 and told me that they would start paying 1% from Feb-2014, since government has brought in some new Pension rules to be effective from Feb-2014. Were they right in not giving me any pension for good five months? And if not what can I do now? Thanks for your advice. FYI, My salary range bracket was 45-50k.
  2. Also LycaFly has been clever and is not part of ABTA.
  3. I want to escalate the matter to higher bodies so that they can put Lycafly straight. Thats why I want to know where to send the complaint. Does IATA handle complaints?
  4. Hello rebel1, The airline is not able to accomodate as we are late and no space left. My question is where can I escalate the complaint after Lycafly?
  5. Hello All, I had this bad experience recently. I booked ticket through Lycafly for me, wife and baby back on 3rd Aug. At the time of booking the agency took the £90.00 for child but did not mention anything about the seating arrangement of the child. As a passenger I don't think I am supposed to know what a bassinet seat is and that I have to explicitly request for it. It was not until 14-Sept that my wife found about bassinet seat on internet blogs and immediately asked Lycafly about this. It was then that Lycafly placed request for bassinet-seat with the airlines but naturally it was too late, given travel date is 26-Sept. I now have to live with uncertainty as to how things will turn out tomorrow. If I do not get bassinet, its will be health hazard for my ten month old baby to be deprived from sleep and same for me and my wife as well. Even if I get the bassinet, it is not fair to have placed us on such a ambiguous situation. I want to complain about this to some dispute resolution body that Lycafly booked tickets for us without providing us vital information about the travel. I have sent the complain to Lycafly but don't think anything is going come out from them. Can you guys please suggest what options I have? Thanks for your reply.
  6. Many Thanks rebel11 for the reply. I just talked to the Customer Service and they said that the store must issue a replacement since they could not fix the the unit with 28 days. Spoke to the store and mentioned this information to them, following which they kind of agreed for replacement next week.
  7. Hey rebel11, Will the fact that I reported the problem six months later have any issue on my claim. I agreed to a second repair yesterday. Should I revoke that if my agreement to second repair will impair my claim. How long is the expected lifetime of a tablet supposed to be? I was reading about faulty good on citizens advise bureau and it talked about a "reasonable time" for a fault to be spotted. So just wondering if six months would be too long for a tablet.
  8. Hey Thanks for the reply. I spoke to the staff in store and wrote a letter before action and handed over to the store manager. I have done the first part of raising complaint already. I would like to know weather I am entitled to refund on legally. Many Thanks for reply.
  9. Hello All I bought a HP tablet at full price £120.00 in Jan-2014 from Currys and I noticed issues with the terminals and ports right after about a month. It took me a month only because I had not started using it. I continued using it, even with all the issues ( like having to shake the terminals to fix the connection), as I was busy with my job search and new born baby. By August the battery completely died and I sent it off to Currys who sent it off for repair. They supposedly repaired the tablet but the same issue came back this week. They are now saying that it will be sent back again for repair once again and that they will continue to send for repair uptill an year and after that they will charge me for even such repairs. What can I do for this, legally? MCOL? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  10. Thanks Citizen for the reply. Can I not enqire atthe local county court directy?
  11. Hey All, After leaving from previous tenancy, I did give the LL my new address, although I was in touch by email. I know that a claimant party can always send a court orders at the last known address of defendant party and that the defendant cannot escape by saying that he does not stay at that address. I am worried that my LL might have used this fact to his advantage. How can I find if there is any outstanding court-order against my name. If I am not staying a given address, then how can I save myself from such situation? Can I do something like publishing in local newspaper that I am NOT staying at so and so location? Thanks for your replies on this.
  12. The LL try but they eventually lose. My LL claimed all sorts of things and the DPS turned down all of them. So I would say don't worry. You are in a better position. Just enjoy because the LL just dug her own grave. My current LL has not protected my deposits either. He is good and so am I and will not bother him he lets me easily exit. Else I will have the fun. Some LLs think that they are smarter than T's only because they own a house.
  13. sue the landlady. You will get your money back for carpet, in all probability, unless you think you really made it dirty. Did you have any inventory done?
  14. Thanks Steve. But back to the same question. How do I put a case in SCC if it doesn't exist? If only it is the county court which decides the track of a case, Do I have to do something to put the case in specific track. ( All this assuming the money is below £10000.00)
  15. I would reasonable to call in 2x. 3x is rare and will put you in bad light.
  16. What is SCC? I only know Small Claims Proceeding in County-Court? Is SCC a separate court like County-Court? If not then what do you mean by SCC? Does it mean using a specific form(N1) to claim?
  17. (1) No. Deposit is deposit and it must be protected within 30 days. If the LL owed admin fee, that was a different matter and would have to be dealt separately. He cant club it up. (2) You can ask for what you owe and punitive claim against LL for not protecting your deposit within 30 days. The claim is between 1-3x times the deposit, depending in judge's discretion. Min 1X is a must, as per law. There are many scare-mongers here, probably employed by some Landlord-organisations who will try to scare you by telling that your expenses could go upto 1k+. All scare-mongering.
  18. Hey, I am a new-bee but have collected enough information by now as I am in same boat as you. There is no reason for LL to retain deposit. Its sad that tenancy ended and the LL did not protect your money. But you can teach you LL a lesson since has hard-done you. As per the Localism act, you will be entitled to 1-3x times compensation from LL for not following the laws. And it takes just around £100.00 of court fee to initiate the case in county court. If the LL counter-claims he will have to pay the fee for that and for any hearing that is needed by him to establish his claims. So you don't incur more than around £100.00, depending on the deposit amount.
  19. I am looking to claim 2x to be realistic and that falls in £115.00 bracket. So that should be fine. Also I understand that if the LL makes a counter-claim then he has to spend £115.00 as well. So who will pay for the hearing, if there it comes to that? Given that I would prefer Small Claims Mediation service as the option on court form.
  20. just missed on managing the logins this time but I almost got what I wanted. There is so much difference between the advise given to a landlord as compared to that given to a tenant. I will most likely make the claim. Its going to be £115.00 only anyway. Tenancy Deposit Advise old me that £115.00 includes cost of one hearing, which I believe should be sufficient. I will at the most break even.
  21. What does qft mean? I got 1k+ costs from various thread I read on here and on landlordzone website. BTW, I use a cybercafe to send posts. Just asked the staff here and they said that possibly the other user had used this computer and had opted for auto-login. I came in and did a reply to my thread, not realising that I am logged in as newlyn.
  22. Hey How come, My replies are going as newlyn. This computer automatically logs me in as newlyn and I have had to change this a few times today morning. What is newlyn, BTW. I searched in internet and it seems to be a debt collection agency.
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