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  1. good idea but he does not come by car or any vehicle.
  2. The plumber eventually responded and has said that he is coming on Saturday. I am not very positive if he will finish the work and may not be back again until a long time. If I ask him his home address, he may not give. What can I do in this situation? If I ask him to give a receipt and if he refuses, what are my options? Please help. Today morning I found leakages in my kitchen and he is not ready to come to fix it. Please help with your advise.
  3. Do the agencies which offer to trace mobile numbers really work? I will call one of them tomorrow and see?
  4. Can I get help from the organisation which issues certificates of professional plumbing after testing. Are there more than one such organisation? He did show me an A4 size document which was his test result.
  5. He is freelance. He did show his certificate of passing a test, which qualifies him to carry out professional plumbing work. I could not find him over the internet. I had got his name through a friend but even he does not remember how he got this plumbers number. The bigger question is, Can I raise MCOL with just his name and account number as identity elements?
  6. Thanks all for replies . Can I raise an MCOL against him without address and contract but with just his name, mobile number, SMS and bank account number? Can MCOL notice be sent through whatsapp?
  7. Yes, The bank account was in his name. He sent me account details through SMS.
  8. Hey, I recently had some work done by a plumber, to whom I gave the payment in advance as he said he was in need. However since then, he has not returned back to finish the remaining work. He is not responding to mobile calls either. The payment was made to him by bank transfer so I have his bank account details. Can I use MCOL in such a scenario? Can MCOL ask the bank to release his address? I did not have any formal contract signed with him but I do have SMS and bank payment as proof of engagement of work. I am really distressed about all this. Can someone help me.
  9. So can a builder give a better report than a Building surveyor. If the building survey does not bring out all the details, then which other kind of report will. The surveyors , just like landlords, always are among the cunning lot.. And I am not keen on him pouring water using a bucket, but it is for him to determine if the gutter is good enough. Saying the weather is not there to help him when he was out there to survey is a funny ( actually cunning ) excuse. If it was raining , he might have said that as it was raining, he did not want to get his trousers muddy and so did not step out in garden to check. Or he would say that as it was hot wind blowing, he would have got sunburns while doing the inspecting roof.
  10. ah, you there, back again. I am sure there are other threads for you to reply to. I told you in a simple and plain language. I am not anxious but know my rights well. The contract does not say , subject to weather condition,and thats it. He did not inspect garage, plain excuse, that no one told him. Costing me GBP 797.00, high-end side, looking at other quotes on internet. I already had the basic valuation done earlier through HSBC and then once searches were fine, I wanted to go for Building Survey.
  11. It was a FULL Building survey. As it was a full building survey, how he will check the rain gutters is his task. The contract does not say that weather can prevent certain aspects of building not to be checked. They can't get away saying that it was not raining. That sounds so funny an excuse. And he was well aware that the house has a garage. He has clearly tried to be clever.How can I complain against him and I don't want to pay him anyway. And he has done just visual inspection every where. I can do a visual inspection myself.
  12. You seem to be one from Surveyor community and therefore showing their kind mentality through your bad language. I would rather you not say anything than use a foul language.
  13. Well, but the contract does not say that report will depend on weather conditions. Rain gutters are standard thing and and honest survey will involve pouring down a bucket of water. How difficult is that? I find so many other lapses as well. For example he said that he was not informed about the garage and he had not inspected the garage? He made no attempt to call me or the agent to find this out. Is this acceptable excuse?
  14. Hey, I am in the process of buying house and had ordered for building survey. But this Surveyor seems to be real un-scruplous one. Having opted for building survey, I thought I will get a thorough report but I was surprised that the survery-report says that they cannot check the rain-gutters as it was not raining at that time. Is that acceptable? So if it was raining, he would have said that he could not check say the garden area because it was raining and he could not go out or say on the roof. I want to know if it is acceptable for the surveyor to say that he cannot check rain gutters because it was not raining.He could have easily got a bucket of water and poured it through the pipes and checked? Please let me know if that is okay and common ?
  15. Things will happen soon. I will be sending EC form to Acas tomorow and will keep you guys informed.
  16. Don't know exactly. But time will be needed to find a solicitor and book time with him. All this cannot happen on same day. Also the initial advise is only to explain the terms in SA. Also I dont believe people becuase on this forum itself I was advised that I should not take my LL to court for not protecting deposit as it will be expensive and the LL could potentially counter claim. I did as I wished and got 2600.00 pounds. I come here to see what other people think of my readings of law. Any serious difference examples or just like how we have here.
  17. The employee must be given full opportunity to think through of any claims he may have and possibly he may want to have legal consultation on strengths of his claims. the SA could appear good at first look but may not be so. Depriving him/her of this basic time to evaluate his claims is clearly wrong for employer. There is a clear imbalance in the time that employer gets and what employee gets is unfair and can be deemed a wrongful dismissal, for which ET can put upto pounds 25000.00 penalty. Also in my case, I can see that my employer was following the old recommendation of seven calendar days which has now been increased to ten calendar days. If there has been an increase, quite obviously this is an important parameter and has therefore been adjusted to make it equitable to Employee. And also it says minimum ten days, so as to take care of unexpected cases such as say long weekends falling during the period.
  18. @Becky, Would you have recommended such a short time for the employee? BTW, my solicitor is now saying that he thought it was good deal and therefore advised me to sign the agreement, without even consulting me on it . Just dont know how he can say this if he did not know my claims?
  19. ACAS. Everyone is saying that their recommendation can easily be done away with. No one needs to worry about what they say. Just like a Crow sitting somewhere and croaking.
  20. I will be sending ACAS Reconcillation form today and see how things turn out. My SA prevents me from going to court or ET. Nothing about ACAS. Also the SA allows me to discuss and disclose the SA to my advisors. So don't see any trouble escalating to ACAS. The employer has not responded to my email and if they do not respond to ACAS either, they will not be seen favourably by ET . At the very least, I am hoping that the employer will have to bear penalty or apology for giving me such less time.
  21. Employment is nothing but a business contract.
  22. I called ACAS yesterday and they said that under the circumstances, employer is on wrong side and that I will not be subject to restrictions imposed by the SA,which says that I cannot take the employer to the court or ET and if I did so, I will have to return the severance amount. They also sent early reconcilliation form and asked me to fill and send to them and they will send to the employer. Also its only a matter of time. If ombudsman will disregard the recomendation of ACAS, then I am wondering why all you guys are not stopping govt from funding such a trash organisation. Anyway, there have been previous instances as well when I have been told that I am wrong. One such case was getting penalty from LL for not deposting advance. I got 2X the deposit, 2600.00 pounds.
  23. @Steampowered Well I am not talking about the well known Unfair Contract term Law. I have read about this. Leave this aside, unfair terms are not entertained by courts. I just gave example of tenancy agreement which had a clause that I will have to return the house after professional cleaning. DPS clearly refused to support this as it was not fair term since I was not given a house in that condition. Why will DPS allow a clever LL to use it as a means to cheat me. Can you tell?
  24. All senior member also seem to think that ACAS is there only for theory not practical. Its a shame people want to take ACAS lightly. Its a shame that unless somethi ng is made a law ( equivalent to be flogged ) people do not respect it
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