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  1. There is no guidance on phone usage in policy book. And Yes, the boss in bypassing the company policy. The solicitor was saying that he would arrange a hearing soon and that will be followed by my exit. The policy handbook says that an employee must be given a warning and given time to improve. So will I have any recourse to law. Also this development has come after a weeks back I complained about him to the director verbally and also on email I told my boss to stop harassing and bullying me. I think he is victimising me for this.
  2. Thanks HoneyBee, There would be on a average two calls daily on some days and none to a person/friend/family. They were all for consumer issue. Also, no mistake from my side as such. What I mentioned was a mistake the manager says but my fellow member will help me to show that I was not wrong. Please tell me about the things I should do at this stage and say in the meetings to make them difficult to dismiss me on disciplinary grounds. If the firm has a policy on Disciplinary step, Is it not my contractual right that I be taken through that process?. Friends, this is a very important question for me, Please advise me on this. If I am taken through that process, then I will be safe
  3. Many Thanks to all of you who have taken time to answer my questions and to make me feel better. I have just come back after another tiring and a day spent in fear and worry. With regards to without Prejudice Conversation, the only reason I want them to carry on with it is so that I get more and more time to be in job and that such discussions I believe will not go to my personal file. Is my understanding correct? Also I believe that the solicitor is having these w/o prejudice meetings only to encourage me to speak freely, so that I spill out all I have and he can get an understanding of what defence/evidences I have. During these meeting I anyway am always sure that I do not make open admission of my mistake. The solicitor keeps saying that the other team has complained about my performance on the projects that need interaction with them. Naturally they can get the manager of that team to be able to state this false allegation. Will such statements from other managers have any value?. None of the work/assignment comes with much detail in writing. Everything is mostly oral and I have never been given an end date for any assignment, even verbally. There is no set parameters to measure the performance/standard of software development. Lastly and most importantly, I am worried that the solicitor keeps referring to phone call I make from office phone. I don't remember how many I have made but there were a few in last few weeks as my wife is away and I had to make a few calls to retailer/warranties/courier related. So should I be worried about this. The reason I have to use office phone is that the reception of my mobile is poor at my desk location. The issue of outgoing phone calls was raised during my probation as well last year but it was not mentioned as a disciplinary issue but as one reason for extension of probation. I reduced phone calls from second month itself but again in last few weeks it went up. However I have not been making any since Monday-19-Sept, the first meeting I had. Is there any case law on how many phone calls is reasonably acceptable from office phone. I have three week holiday booked and approved long back by my manager starting from 19-October? If the formal disciplinary process has been initiated before that, then will it be kept on hold till my return? Thanks once again. I know I have asked quite a few questions. So please answer them for me.
  4. The solicitor will then start calling it a case of loss of Trust and Confidence as my performance has been allegedly poor. In general, how can employers prove that performance is poor for software developers. I was never given a task timeline requirement in writing. The job specifications come in mail and that is when I start working. My manager keeps saying that he said so and so in so ans week and that the job/assignment in discussion should finish in this much time. There is no written evidence as such and fact is that I have done very well. So do I need to worry about his verbal allegations? Also in the discussions, I have been putting a positive note by saying that I am happy to fix and issues that my boss thinks exists and that if I have ever been rough in talking, it has not been wilful and I am sorry for that. Is that a right thing for me to say that. Also,one more thing. After the solicitor declared the meeting as being on basis of non-prejudice, he asked me to switch off my mobile. What if they are recording? Can they misuse in any way. Friends, Please answer all my questions as I am in lot of stress and scare. I know I have asked quite a few of them. Also many thanks in advance for your replies.
  5. The solicitor said that it means that anything discussed cannot be quoted back. There is no pay-off. The solicitor was telling that he will start a formal disciplinary action, where there will be a formal hearing.
  6. Hello Friends, I have been working a my current firm for last 1 year 3 months at one of the top financial firms. I have to work very hard and extended hours to meet the business objectives of firm. My boss is being very unkind and dishonest with me. He basically wants to throw me out and bring in an old colleague at a lower salary. I came to know about his plan from one another colleague. Last Monday, there was a without prejudice meeting with firms solicitor where the boss started making false and flimsy allegations that my conduct has not been right in that I did not follow his instruction. He is citing just two occasions in a matter of one week. I have been able to prove one of the allegation as false and for the other my colleague can help me to prove wrong. He has no evidence of having given any such instruction of work though as it was communicated verbally. He is saying that he can get a few witnesses, who are again his friends from management side. What is best for me. Should I ask for evidence of such work having been assigned to me . Today again there was a without prejudice meeting with the manager and the firms solicitor, who is calling a case of break of trust and confidence as I have been performing poorly. Again this is a baseless allegation. I will come to this aspect later. My company handbook has a disciplinary processes which lays down that disciplinary matter is sorted in four stages. I want to know if the firm is contractually obligated to follow the disciplinary process. I am worried that if thrown out on basis of misconduct and poor performance, then PPI will not cover my mortgage and my career will be ruined. Can someone please advise me on this. Thanks
  7. Hello Friends, I booked a courier through Transglobal Express. The carrier was UPS and the item to be delivered was a dishwasher. Transglobal say that dishwasher is a prohibited good and I should not have sent it out in the first place and if still did this, it is at my own risk. The dishwasher has been badly damaged as UPS have dropped it. The UPS say that packing was insufficient and the Transglobal further added that it was anyway a prohibited item and so no compensation at all. The email and attachment that I receive after placing order does not have any mention of prohibited item. There was tick that I had to put on while booking, saying that I have not put any prohibited item. There was an advise to check with carrier if further restrictions apply. I had called UPS and asked them if they carry dishwasher and they said yes. I have an email from receiver confirming that packaging was well done with polysterene in it. I had done this packing by putting polysterene and 5mm thick carton board. The UPS report does no mention anything about the polysterene and say that packing was insufficient. What is my position here? Can I ask for compensation? The dishwasher is not working now. I had sold this on ebay for £129.99
  8. Hey Guys. Thanks for your responses really and look forward to a few more replies. CRA file is important for me as I have a re-mortgage coming in Dec-2018. The communication is in writing. In the letter, they admit that I called and informed the customer care about cancellation but did not wait to be put to cancellation/retention team and that's where my fault is for which I have to pay some £200.00. What is my legal position here? Do I have to give a months notice, even if it is in their T&C? It could just be an unfair term. If contract has an end date, then it ends on that day. Why do I have to inform customer care anything at all?
  9. Hello Friends, I have gotten into this trouble with Virgin-Media. My contract was for 18 months and a few days before the end of contract I called them to say that am not interested in continuing. I was able to get to speak to one of the customer care after a long wait and she then wanted to transfer me to yet another team for this. I said I will not wait any longer and as I have informed the customer care , whoever picked-up, it is their internal matter how they process my request. They have now come back with tall bills saying that my disconnection was not done and that I will have to pay for it. My question is (1) If my contract period ends, I am not bound by anything. They say that I will have to give one month notice. Can this be legally correct and bounding on me that my contract will be automatically extended, if I don't give notice? Also I had moved to Sky and the telephone line was being serviced by Sky.
  10. Okay. But it does not seem fair that such important information be included in bills only. That too when I agreed for electronic bill, one cannot imagine that they will send such information by bills only. After all no one may necessarily check the bills. Mine had auto debit set and so I would not be checking bills. Can Scottish Power get away by saying that they have included information on bill and that it is for the customer to read the bills. I used to check my quarterly consumption through another link.
  11. Thanks CitizenB for this, Scottish Power never sent me paper bill saying that I had opted for electronic communication of bills. However I never received bills as email attachment. All I used to receive by email was a notification saying that latest bill has been generated. To access the bill, I would then have to log-in to my account and view my bills. About Annual Summary, they did not send such email notification even. Can such notifications be deemed same as sending bills? Any comments on this, please. Scottish Power have tried to play smart and cheated me. I want to catch them in every possible way before going to ombudsman, so that they don't escape.
  12. Thanks CitizenB for your comments. I was with Scottish Power from Sept-2013 to Feb-2016. During this time, I was never on fixed price. I was on monthly rolling on their standard tariff. Were they not supposed to automatically put me on the cheapest tariff, when the OFGEM brought regulation in Oct-2014. I came to know about this now and found that I have lost some £600.00 in three years. Many Thanks for clarification & guidance on this, before I go to ombudsman. -Newlyn.
  13. Hello Friends, I have just come to know that OFGEM introduced several new regulations, back in 2014, to enforce simpler tariffs and clear information to be given to consumers. Was this made into a law and if so what is the Act number ( just like we have Housing Act 2004 ). Many Thanks for this. -NewLyyn.
  14. Thanks Bankfodder for the reply. My Skoda car is 2002 make. I bought it last year for £1200.00, and the it came with extended warranty, which typically costs £300.00. The reverse sensors of car stopped working, sometimes in the mid of April-2016 and I reported this on 25-April. I believe that their outright refusal to even look into my claim is a breach of contract and therefore they must return full price of warranty, as they did not deliver the service when required. Thanks.
  15. Hello Friends, Skoda refused my claim saying that my car has run out of warranty. I made the claim on 25-April and my warranty was valid till 07-May but they said that since they can't get an appointment by 07-May, they refused. When I pressed they gave me an appointment for 03-May but I could not make it because I was not well. Then they gave me an appointment for 09-June but when I went to the service center on 09-June, there they refused saying that warranty has run out. Is that valid? I sent them a letter before action today. If they don't agree within 14 days, I plan to raise MCOL for £300.00. Can you guys please tell me if they are correct in refusing my claim.
  16. OP said his Facebook posts.were seen by his manager. That's why I thought his manager must have mentioned this in the ongoing probationary review. OP should complaint this at the earliest to legal body. I don't know where to report but he can ask police and they can advise where to report. This may still help him save his job as it quite looks like that OP will be terminated soon. He can still escalate the case as automatic unfair dismissal, even if he only believes that all this is happening because his manager saw his Facebook posts. Besides this keep proofs of good work done before the review started. Just keep all facts along with evidence where possible. It's a civil case and decision will be made on balance of probability. So the more OP tries and gets his evidences the better it is. Even his efforts to save job and his strength of voice will away the decision if ye case went to tribunal or court.
  17. If they dismiss you for bringing illegal activity ti light then it will become automatic unfair dismissal. And it won't be difficult for you to prove all the discussions your employer is having with you. Just collect the evidence and Sue them for unfair dismissal.
  18. My visa valid for two weeks after return leg of my journey .
  19. Well, my visa was valid till next one and half month and my ticket was some 15 days after. What they did was they retained my visa application by saying that they will return it by end of week after making decision. But they misplaced my application and returned it after some five weeks. That's why I say that if they had made the decision on same day then I coulds have travelled regardless of the outcome of the application . They admitted that the delay was due to their administrative error. This application was yo extend my tier1 visa and I was inside uk and the flight tvet was yo travel to my home country and back to uk. So if needs I could have travelled back and applied for visa again in case there was refusal.
  20. I had booked a premium appointment and they made some administrative er or on that day which caused them to take longer than what they are supposed to take. I took premium appointment only because I had to travel so either they approve or refuse I could still have travelled but they made administrative error and as a result of that they ended up taking much longer than expected. So please can someone tell me if I can raise MCOL claim or not. I will be really thankful for this. Their advise however reasonable cannot be a Pancea for their mistake and in the scenario I was in, I don't see why my ticket booking was unreasonable. I can't expected to prepare for their mistakes. They have to own theor mistakes.
  21. Hey All, yes just meant UKBA which these days is UK VI. They made mistake in deciding on my tier 1 visa and had to make a second appliction, which was approved. Later I complained about the first application and they were found to be wrong. This mistake caused to cancel my flight ticket and he to incur charges, which I want to claim back
  22. Hello Friends, Can you tell me whether the UKBA service of assessing visa application is subject to general consumer laws or not ? And if so , can I raise a claim in court, six years after I was wronged by them. they had made and admitted their mistake in assessing my application but refused to refund my air travel ticket saying that they advise applicants not to book ticket in advance. However I don't think I am bound by their advise and that I want to claim this in court, five years after the incident.
  23. Hey All, I am really upset as I now have to shell out more money £450.00 to new plumber as the previous one left many things in broken state. If I have to hire an agency to locate this guys home address, then can I claim the fee as well via MCOL After all he is hiding purposely. He should have given me a business address to communicate with him. No? I have reported this to ActionFraud. The plumber had told me that he has been caught a few times shoplifting from plumbing stores. Can that make it easy for police to locate him?
  24. By word of mouth. And the person who referred him to me also does not know how this plumber is in her list of plumbers?
  25. ah, you could be right. He does come sometimes in car. I will keep a watch this time when he comes. I was not there when he brought in his tools last time. After that he used to take away his tools part by part.
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