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  1. Hello Bazza, Thanks for reply. I am not looking at it just from Dismissal point of view. Is loss of reputation not serious for an 'Individual'? Also, coming to weather this statement is True or False, even if my manager has made up his mind to dismiss me, at all cost including Settlement, as long as there is no formal evidence to it, I think it is an untrue statement. No?
  2. I have got chat log on official chat software from my colleagues where they tell that my manager has said that I am going. I have kept screen shot of the chat log. Such screen shots I have from chat conversation of two of my colleagues. The fact is that there is not even a formal notice of disciplinary action to be initiated against me, how then can the manager say that I am going. At least as of today that is an untrue statement. If in future , my employer terminates my employment, will that be called a true statement?
  3. Hello Friends, I have been having difficulties with my manager at work place and HR has given informal notice that a chair will be organised to look into my performance as disciplinary matter. There has been no formal notice given to me yet but the manager has told my team mates that I am going. My team mates have started asking about this and it makes me feel bad. Is this not a case of Defamation of character. Thanks.
  4. Thanks HB and UncleBulgaria for replies. Worst case, if the employer said I was aware of possible termination, then can I not challenge their report. There is no written communication and hence no evidence of what those meeting were for?
  5. Okay unclebulgaria, So can the HR legally say that they have informed me of upcoming disciplinary process given that the HR themselves proposed to render all the meeting as Without Prejudice. If the communications have been WP, then those communication cannot be referred to Anywhere. No?
  6. Fine, even if the verbal communication can be disclosed, there is no evidence of what was said in the meeting? And even if it was a letter, which cannot be used in court, then how can Insurance deny their liability to claim. How would they prove without using the letter that I was aware of potential hearing.
  7. Thanks. Will a 'without Prejudice' communication also count? What is the purpose of calling something 'Without Prejudice'.
  8. Thanks all for reply. But does any informal notice count? I bought the policy on 26-Sept and was told on 18-Oct that disciplinary action will come through. However since then there has beenno action since.
  9. Hello Friends, I bought Income Protection Insurance on two months back and it had 60 days exclusion period. The insurance covers case when the holder may be dismissed from job for performance reasons. As obvious, the holder should not have been made aware of any possible hearing related to performance within the exclusion period (first 60 days). In my case I have not had any formal notice of disciplinary hearing and my exclusion period is over last week. However within the exclusion period, I was told informally and in a without prejudice meeting , that a hearing for my poor performance will happen. So I want to know if such notice delivered verbally and in a without prejudice meeting have a legal standing to nullify my policy?
  10. Thanks All for the reply. I have sent a message through chat that I will go to court if I do not receive payment. I will SMS it as well. I want to send letter as well want to use second class stamps that I have with me. Will that be good enough? I don't want to spend more money on registered post and also because the post office is far off and venturing out in cold will be an additional pain. I can buy first class stamp from a store if that will be better. Please advise.
  11. Hello Friends, I made a sale to a person I found on internet. I had SMS and chat communication where we agreed on price. We first agreed on payment through Paypal and I sent the invoice but the receiver said she did not receive the invoice. I was in hurry and as I had packed the item and booked a courier, I proposed that I send the item and receiver send the money direct to my bank account and she agreed to this on message. I made mistake of trusting the receiver and sending the parcel. I have had communication till last day wherein I gave her the courier tracking number. She Thanked me over SMS. After that there has been complete silence. No SMS, no picking up phone and no reply to my chat communication. What are my options to recover money? If I raise this with MCOL, will the judge decide on balance of probability? I have evidence to show delivery by courier service and her complete silence after the day of delivery and her active communication before day of delivery. Please advise. I was naive to have believed her.
  12. HB, Does not look like the line manager wants me to continue, so continuation of job is least likely. Can you please advise as to what can I ask from employer as redressal. If it is less than two years of job, does it restrict what I can ask for if the grievance were to go to tribunal. Also my line manager has started speaking to team members that he has initiated disciplinary process against me. Is he right in doing that? I have got a chat log with one of my colleagues where he confirmed that my line manager told him about all this.
  13. Thanks unclebulgaria. Yes that what my belief is that I just asked a question to the legal team and they advised my proposal to be not legally correct. So don't see this as issue. I am planning to raise grievance against my manager this week. There were a number of times when he shouted and humiliated me. I have some emails as well on which he has been unkind for no good reason and also an unequal treatment to me compared to other colleagues. I will use those emails as evidence to show his behaviour and attitude towards me. Can someone please tell me as to what I can ask as redress of grievance. Can I ask for monetary compensation?
  14. Internal hearing. Does merely asking for something become an offence in itself.
  15. Thanks All for replies. How the employer can use this against me? After all nothing actually happened and I had been open in mentioning the reason as I did not have the perspective that it will be a fraud. BTW, The solicitors understanding is that I asked time so that I could BUY an insurance rather than to tide over the exclusion period of an existing insurance. Any ideas on how to play it down? It had anyway been a few weeks since informal meetings ended, I was just asking to add one more week to if at all before service of a formal notice.
  16. Hello Friends, I have into this strange situation. I asked the employer to delay service of any formal notice of hearing till end of Nov so that I can tide over the exclusion period of my mortgage insurance. The solicitor clearly refused saying that will amount to fraud as it essentially like aiding me in getting illegitimate financial gains. I had never realised this perspective of my request. I am now worried that they may include this request of mine in the list of charges against me. In case if this point comes up in hearing, should I outright deny me having made such a request? Will admitting this get me into bigger trouble. I had not made any written request for this.
  17. Thanks Emmzzi for reply. I will wait to complete two years of service as I suspect backfire. But please answer my question that do I have to suffer in silence the bullying by my boss. If it was two years already then what difference will it make? If I am being bullied ( insult in public and private, undue criticism of work etc ) consistently, then even after two years, what law will help me.
  18. No discrimination. Please let me know if I had two years if job then what difference will that make Rexroth, Thanks for the reply. I am not starting a formal grievance as it will likely back fire after a month or two. It will be difficult for me to prove that my dismissal is only vengeful. Also, I have anyway spoken to the director of the team. I have verbally brought this to the attention of senior management in a formal meeting room discussion. So I believe, I am in a position where it cant be said that I did not raise my grievances when it occurred.
  19. Hello Friends, The matter has gone a bit silent. Don't know why. I believe that its because I could prove my boss wrong through documents, in front of his own solicitor. I suspect that the solicitor has advised him to be cool and relaxed so that I make some mistakes and so that he can capitalise on that. Anyway, I see myself completing two years soon. Its just another six months. But Do I really need to bear all the bullying and harassment my boss inflicts on me untill then. There is a history of he insulting me in public and privately for wrong reasons. The major incidences, of which I have proofs are below. Once he reprimanded me for not attending a meeting, which I later found that I was never invited to attend. I obtained that meeting invite from team member and forwarded it to him showing I was not in the invite. Once he shouted at me very angrily, in front of entire team holding me responsible for something and said that he could bet his job that I was in wrong side. It was such an insult to me, more so it turned out that he was wrong. Then a few months later he shouted at me black and white for some half an hour, this time in private though. However his action was clearly visible outside, even though meeting rooms are sound proof. Again his entire point later turned out to be baseless. And again this month, he put baseless charges of misconduct one me which again I proved wrong. Besides these major bullying, on day to day basis he had rendered unjustified criticism of my work and I have proof of them all on emails. I would like to know what can I do? I have tried speaking to the director of team about his behaviour but it only back-fired as I mentioned earlier. So does law allow the employer to thrash employee for good two years.
  20. no witness. no paint, the hit was not so hard. Lets say if he were to complaint to police or claim from insurance, how soon will I come to know?
  21. But how to prove that it was he who hit and sped away. He can simply say that it was not him and that there was car which turned right before him and he must have hit the car, if at all. What is the general advise on what to do when accident happens? Must one stop at the scene of accident? Because he can also say that I reversed and after hitting , tried to get away from the scene.
  22. My problem is that I did not stop at the site of hit and instead moved on and stopped away from accident site. That guy can say that he was never the car behind me. The car which it took right and went off and that he was only the one after. Also if there is no damage, is it still a crime to have run away after just hitting my car slightly though.
  23. It happened at crossing as I was waiting to emerge into main road. After the accident, I emerged into the road and took left to stop. The car behind followed me in the same direction and after emerging, sped away. Can he deny that it was his car which had hit. Should I have stopped at the spot itself?
  24. Hello Friends, A car hit my car from behind and has run away but I have the cars number. Can I bring him to books or can he deny that it was not his car. Thanks
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