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  1. Nope no ppi refunds as far as we know...the wife is going to call them later.
  2. Worried that may open a can of worms seeing as we can't understand how the account could possibly be in credit, doesn't make sense.
  3. Hi, Hoping someone can explain what this may mean. Today my wife received a transaction summary statement from Santander for an old joint account but what we can't understand is she has been declared bankrupt since June15 and I've been on a TD since Dec14. The statement is on 2 sheets of A4 but it is in black and white and not the typical red we typically received in statements. It also shows the account to be in credit showing nothing other than an opening balance dated 10/15 and the net balance dated 04/16. Of course we'd love to think we had access to t
  4. That's great, thanks for clearing that up guys. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi folks, I've been prompted to look for answers regarding a situation that happened today. Basically I took my watch in to a Timpson shop and asked if they could install a new battery, they said yes it'll be 15 mins and gave me a ticket. I returned to collect my watch only to be told they couldn't replace the battery as they couldn't get the backing of my watch. That was fine but when I looked at the watch they had damaged the bezel and the face quite badly (deep gauging) and also scratched the backing. This is a watch I've had for around 18 months and it didn't have a single mark on it
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