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  1. Hi Rebel, thanks for the reply. Thats indeed what I'm going to do, amend and send recorded. With regards to the credit card company, is there a time limit that it applies to? I.E 1 year from payment date or something? I'm going to have a read of your links you posted as well.
  2. Can anyone offer advice please. Ordered a sofa bed from an online store which only sells sofa beds on 13th September 2013. It wasn't delivered until oct/nov 2013. We removed it from its cover, checked that there was no damage, that it was the correct colour, and placed it back in its delivered plastics where it sat un-used until the start of July this year (was decorating the house). We took it out and after a couple of weeks we then found after removing the cushion, that it wasn't actually a sofa bed, and was just a normal sofa. I contacted the company, and after a few email
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