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  1. Thanks for your responses. I stated the road traffic act to him and here is the reply I got You bought a ten year old car. Wiper blades and tyres are consumable items The drop link is a common failure due to speed humps. They cost about £11 and fasten with two bolts The car is good and you were delighted with it initially and wrote to say so. We had Mazda 6 with a rust patch near the near side rear wheel. This failed MOT and we had it welded for £40. Asking for a full refund is not reasonable. You bought the car at a trade price and there was very,very little profit in it.
  2. I have bee emailing him and he is refusing a refund, should i now sent the rejection letter to his registered address?
  3. Hi everyone, I really would like peoples expertise in a matter I am currently dealing with. Basically I bought a 2nd hand car from a dealership the end of June and it was described as the perfect car, reliable etc. There was no mention of any any problems whatsoever but within a couple of weeks it had a bad oil leak. I had this repaired and the person who repaired it said the oil filter was badly corroded. A few days later I took it for an MOT and it failed badly. Apparently there is excessive corrosion under the car and the person who done the test said as he was touching it h
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