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  1. I've had 3 over 4yrs but they were all for sickness cause I have health issues. I'm pretty sure all policy needs to be written down. Can you show me where it's enforceable without it?
  2. Okay. So tell me. Why do you think there is no discrimination here? Forget that i'm male. Let's go with race. Why is there no discrimination? "discrimination" implies a disparity in treatment of individuals or groups, so what's the difference in the wording you keep using of "Disparity in treatment" and discrimination when to me they are the same thing.
  3. I obviously can't argue it's not a phone after admitting to it can I. Is there anybody on here with actual good advice and who reads what I type except rebel11.
  4. I don't think you read my replies cause you ask the same questions again and again. The 2 people who were also caught using their phones told me themselfs they never got a disciplinary and only had a "investigation" when they were caught using a mobile phone. I dunno how many times I have to repeat this. So this makes it FACT! Answered above. Yeah like I need to lie to get a pat on my back. There is no guesswork. I've been giving you facts which you are clearly ignoring. You've even ignored where i've stated 2 times i'm waiting for HR to get back to
  5. Who's we? Any policy a company has im pretty sure by law has to be avaliable for staff to see. Proof of discrimination? Lol. I'm clearly being treated differently. The question is why and what does it fall under. Why would I be in more trouble then I already am if I claim discrimination? I feel like i'm being singled out. You haven't been told everything? Err. Yes you have. You don't even answer my questions in relation to what you've typed. I think you're just giving opinion rather than fact. I need someone to help me with facts.
  6. Errr No. I'm pulling the discrimination card because everyone else who got caught were women, white and never got a disciplinary even though they did the exact same thing as me. Fyi, they also admitted to it and never got a disciplinary. No difference. So why am I being pulled?
  7. What's a RR65 questionnaire and when does that come into play?
  8. How would you tell the difference? If it's not discrimination what is it? You can't treat staff different.
  9. They are acting like i've commited a massive crime. The thing that worries me is the district manager doesn't like me anyway. They have tried to get me at whatever they can. I've had a few disciplinaries but those have been removed from my record. Someone got fired for smoking at the back, such small things and they are firing people over it. Yes I do think i'm being discriminated against, reasons i've stated above. Isn't race and gender a "protected characteristic"? If 2 other people, both white and female (of which im neither) didn't get a disciplinary yet me who's male and not white go
  10. I have no idea. I'm waiting for HR to get back to me with the policy and then i'll come back here and maybe someone can help me decide from there.
  11. I did say in the imvestigation that our policy is we can't use it, however ive gone through the policy section and I can't find anything regarding mobile phones. Also, if you're breaking policy it should state of this is a misconduct or not. So if I can't find the policy how can it be enforced? They can't say "oh you knew we have a policy but we can't find it either but we're gonna sack you cause it's gross misconduct" like common, is it even legal to do that?
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