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  1. Hi Guys, can you help. My wife had a loan from HFC Bank in 2003 for £5000, we have already requested info regarding PPI and they came back with a statement of the account showing no PPI was included... it does however show a payment of £231.85 at the beginning for Insurance Premium (Life) we cant see any further payments in the years after. Is this PPI but at the front end with a different name or is it something else. She has no recollection of accepting any life cover and she was not married and had no dependents at the time so we think that it was probably mis sold either way, can we reclaim this?
  2. Oh I see, well thank you very much I shall do that and let you know how I get on.
  3. Thank you for your help, I have found the SAR letter from you link, which letter from the library should I also send? Many Thanks Billy
  4. Hi I hope you can help. I have recently started looking at all of my old accounts to see if any did have PPI. I received numerous calls each week from various companies offering to do it on my behalf, up until now I thought I did not have any PPI and that any that I may have had in the past were older than 6 years so I wouldn't be able to reclaim.. Sorry I seem to have had my head in the sand for a few years but I believe this is not the case, even If I don't have original paperwork I can reclaim. I have spoken to Nat-west, simple process so far and they have confirmed I have it on a previous loan I took out on 2004 although they would not confirm the loan amount, it was roughly £2000 from memory. I have now realised that probably all of my old accounts have PPI and have now started digging, unfortunately Capital One and Halifax are not offering the same telephone service as Nat-west and I am struggling to get info from them. Can you help with that? I have heard about SAR requests not sure what they are or how to do one, if anyone can advise me on this that would be appreciated.Best Reagrds Billy
  5. Hi I hope you can help. I had a Nat west overdraft and Credit Card in 2002, they got me into real trouble with lots of charges. at the time I was paying around £70pm in charges alone, often £35 missing a DD by £1-£2 and then another £35 for going overdrawn as a result. They really got me into a bad spral of debt. I consolidated the overdraft into a Loan in 2003 and then did the same with the card in 2004, they have confirmed the Loan had PPI but have said the Credit Card did not, I remember paying PPI on the card though for sure and most likely to overdraft too. How can I check this if they say I did not? I don't have any paperwork at all, I have heard about SAR request but im really not sure what to do or how to do it, should I try a PPI reclaim company? They have already confirmed the Loan has got PPI and that I need to fill in their questionnaire and promised me a response on that matter within 8 weeks.
  6. Hi I wonder if you can help. I also had a Cap One Credit Card and I know for sure it had PPI. When I took it out I was self employed so it certainly was not suitable. I am new to this and I really need to know how to get the info I need and what I do to recalim, any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. is there a number I can ring to check if i'm eligible (I did this with Nat west) or do I need to send of forms to request statements etc? I dont have any original paperwork for this one at all.
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