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  1. Tell them you want to terminate the agreement and then demand that the current repayment plan is instated for the entire amount owed. QQ are up to their usual tricks. They can default your credit file, but they must issue a default notice that gives you a statutory timeframe and provides a reason and date to repay the arrears. They cant default it immediately upon terimination of the account or upon non payment. They can add markers to your file saying you were late, or you missed payments, but they have to give you the opportunity to rectify first before issuing a default.


    Thanks alot,


    Any idea on where I would start with this email/letter wise? I really can't afford a default notice to be added to my account..

  2. Hi Guys,


    Foolishly I have a flexcredit account with QQ, after running into difficulties, I rang them to setup a plan with a DD thinking it was to clear the balance.


    They took two DDs one for 40.14 and one for 1.89 and then much to my surprise started chasing me for past due payments again.


    After many arguments with the collections team I finally complained only to receive this reply.



    This email is to confirm that your complaint has been received

    We apologise for any inconvenience this misunderstanding may have caused. If you have any additional concerns, please contact UK Final Resolution Team directly.


    The collection department scheduled a repayment plan exclusively for the amount that was past due portion of your loan, as of 16/07/2014.


    The collection team has no ability to modify or alter your contract. In addition to the collection payments that you authorised, the ongoing contractual payments are still coming due as scheduled.


    If you are looking for an exact fixed payment, this maybe accomplished. An application will be sent upon your request.

    You should be advised that such a modification of contract constitutes a default of the existing contract, and would be reported as such to credit reporting agencies.


    Please follow up with us regarding how you wish to proceed.





    Robert Elston



    It would appear they want the payment plan + the additional contractual payments as they become due.


    Is it also correct that can they just default my credit file when I am trying to arrange a repayment schedule with them?


    I'm really struggling with all this,





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