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  1. My mum knows what has happened but not about the fine as we are in financial difficulties. There was a camera pointing at me in the room but I don't know if it would of picked up the sound? Everything I said happened. There was a camera in the room pointing at me.
  2. Last week on Thursday me and a friend went to Primark. She asked me to get a sticker off another shoe which was 14 pound I got it off the shoe and passed it to her. She took the sticker of the shoes that where 20 pound and stuck the sticker ontop of the shoe and paid for them. When we was on the way out a women in no uniform and no badge came up to my friend grabbed her and dragged her a side. She had a terrible attitude and told her to put her phone away and told her to come with her. The security guard who was in uniform asked me if I wanted to come with her so I followed. We were told to wait in a room in primark for around a hour while the women who dragged my friend by the arm was calling us fat and names to someone outside the room. My friend asked her what was happening as we had been waiting in the room for a long time and she told us we where being prosecuted and the police where on their way. 10 minutes to the shops closing time 2 PSCO's came in and started ripping into us calling us **** and saying I am sly because I do acting and told us we are being given a civil recovery and if we don't pay it the PSCO themselves will kick our doors down and take items out of our house at the same value and when my friend said she can't do that only bailiffs can she started getting defensive saying she can do it herself. I haven't recieved the letter about the civil recovery yet but what do I do when I get it?! When my friend went out to get a refund on her card for the 16pound for the shoes he flirted with her and then told her we are probably looking at 130pound?! I am 17 with no income!!
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