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  1. Hello, In 2012 a drunk driver crashed into my car and I had various injuries. There is a dispute with the third party insurers on the amount of compensation requested by my solicitor which they set at £48,000. The insurers have admitted liability, although a court date is set for March. My solicitor had stated that they would make an offer before going to court and I have now received a formal offer of £11,100 in the form of a judicial tender ! The letter advises that if I decide to go to court and the judge offers the same amount or less then im liable for all expenses which
  2. Thanks. Thought it might be a bit long to go back. I ll have a look in the boxes in the loft. maybe the original credit agreement is in a box...........knowing me it probably wont be cheers
  3. Afternoon everyone, Came across an old BOS preference account statement and it got me thinking about a car loan that I took out in 1999 for £7500, where they gave me the account when taking out the finance. I don't have any credit agreement or statements for the car. Don't remember if I took any other cover on the finance though ! Only thing I have is the account number for the preference account. Is there any way to try and track down an old agreement to see if I was mis-sold ppi? or is that not how it works ? thanks z
  4. Sorry about that. I just assumed I should start one as it was a different matter I was looking for advice on.
  5. Hi, After a few weeks of buying our car we had brake issues which the dealer. We then found out the car had a hidden past. (Don't want to go too deep at the moment). In a panic I called my lawyer who told us what to put in the letter and if it didn't work to call him back. We have rejected a car and the dealer has accepted our request via email I had put in my rejection letter the car was available for uplift by them and that I had stopped using the car. They have now asked me to bring the car to the dealership I bought it from so they can inspect the car. Im no
  6. Thanks for your advice. Im going to pester them once again in the morning. I have a report that states defective so will keep to that wording. Ill keep the forum updated. thanks
  7. Hi, yes the report said that the discs are fine and the grooves will wear away when the new pads are fitted. Ive just called the dealers and had a moan at them and they still say cant get it booked in till next week. Said its no good and want it done sooner but they are not budging. Because we have youngsters I think we are going to have to get the repair done elsewhere. Cant take the risk TBH I think ive miffed them off even more now
  8. Sorry............also meant to ask would I be able to get the repair fixed at another dealer and try and reclaim the cost back?
  9. Thanks folks, I really like the car and would prefer to keep it I actually have all the emails between myself and the salesman. I also have the email with the salesman agreeing there was a grinding noise on the test drive. Would it count as giving them a chance to rectify, as ive already taken the car to them and they diagnosed dirt in the pads. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your post. The brake inspection that was carried out did state that the brakes were defective. Im just at the stage as to whether I get the brakes repaired to limit any more damage or hold off and wait for a response from my complaint. Only thing the latter means I wont be able to use the car. either way im still going to letter them. thanks once again
  11. Good afternoon, We bought a 2 year old car from a car dealer 12 days ago. While having a test run there was grinding from the wheels but the salesman said that was probably due to it sitting in their forecourt for weeks and I agreed. The morning after we took delivery the grinding was still there so called them back and the car was taken into the workshop and the pads were cleaned. They had stated that some dirt and rust had got in. Still no change though and I noticed that one side of the rear brake discs had scores and the other side was smooth. Called them back up and got the
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