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  1. Ok where do i start with the P.O.C ? that is where i need some points, is there a form ?
  2. Update time Monuments Final Response (please remember i only sent 1st letter didn't even send LBA) Ok so i claimed from them this: I calculate that you have taken £456.00 in charges and I also claim restitutionary/compound interest of £2,737.12 making a total of £3,193.12 they have now gave me a offer after they told me after two weeks that they will respond after 8 weeks They have made a complete a full and final offer OF WAIT FOR IT .............. £36.00 plus yes there is a plus £0.83 interest So i am looking for some help on what to do next, should i now LBA them or go straight for the court route in the mean time, here is the scan copy of the letter they sent me for you all to read have have a laugh at haha
  3. Had a reply about the card protection pre-2005 And no problems paying me back in full £105.00 plus interest at 8% £95.07 So that's 1 result from them
  4. Worked out the card protect bit got that going all the way back to 2001, so sending of a claim for that tomorrow, pre 2005
  5. Has anyone ever bought the Citi card accident cash plan ? what was it for and can i claim it back, i'm sure i was mis-sold it my reason for being mis-sold i would say always been self-employed
  6. Got my SAR back from Citi today and i had no CRP But i found i have something called Accident Cash Plan 28/01/04 £7.60 a month till 28/05/04 it went up to £9.35 till 02/05/06 then my account went over its limit, so the plan stopped also spotted on the 23/09/04 card protect £30.00 ??? Lots of nice £25.00 card fees that i will be chasing them up for i be thinking as well. But 1 last thing i found while my account was closed and over limit you would not guess this they put card protection £29.99 and id protection for £59.99 I'm sure they would have had to sell me them, can i not have them for that they even charged me interest of £1.21 They put me more in debt the cheeky monkeys.
  7. So best to let them have their time and sit back and wait you think I mean i have had a response back after the 14 days after all, i just guess i have to wait a little longer till i can send them the LBA if they respond with the wrong news the other thing i was asked them was about the default removal i paid the bill at the start of august how long do the need to take to remove it they are dam quick to put it their in the first place, just not very quick to act to remove it
  8. Thanks dx we shall await the SAR had my own SAR back from cap1 the other day, and they don't seem to like giving up all the info i didn't need all my info, but just to get on their nerves i called them up and are making them send me everything, my monthly bills, letters and phone calls Jay
  9. Ok just thought i would keep you all to date with what is going on with my case like i said i would, so here is the latest as dated today 19/09/2014 Just got a letter back from Monument dated 16 Sept 2014 (note 14 days to the day from the date i sent my pre letter) Saying the following Dear Mr I am sorry you have had to contact us about your Monument account. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do so. I am looking into your concerns regarding your Default Charges Claim and will let you have a response or update as quickly as i can but no later than 28 October 2014. This date is set in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority handbook. I have enclosed a leaflet explaining how Monument works to resolve complaints. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Yours sincerely Nick Higson Customer Relations Now i'm a little stuck as to what to say or do really, on one hand i'm thinking we'll that's not a no Then the other hand i'm thinking they just dragging it along, i mean 14 days to the dot to reply i paid them back what i owed them and i still have a default on my credit score, effecting my credit score and they want me to wait 6 weeks while they take a look Anyway that's the thread up to date like i said i would to try and help others. if there is anyone who's knows any little thing about what Monument have said to me, then please enlighten me as to what you think i should do. Thanks Jay
  10. Hi Yes we did sar them and are waiting for that back we asked them to prove it, they said they do not need to prove it ?? that's why we did the sar but to be honest i dont see how the sar can help prove it Jay
  11. Hi does anyone have any information about cap1 use of pre-ticked boxes for ppi for online applications back in 2001 the reason i ask is cause my partner noticed ppi on her bill back in 2011 we then rang up cap1 and stopped it then, never noticed in all the years before so we decided to make a ppi claim not so long ago and as you guess they come up with the norm you choose the ppi box on your online application back in 2001 but to our surprise they said they don't have to prove that to us so we seem to have got stung by the clever cap1 gits like many other people so is there anyway to get around this problem, ten years of ppi that we didnt want, or know about Jay
  12. I understand now sorry didn't mean any trouble about templates because to be honest i think they are great now i will use them as a great starting point and use some personal input as well problem with me is, my personal input is normally offensive
  13. So your saying not to use the templates recommended by the people on CAG from the CAG templates section ??
  14. Hmmm just what's in the sar template letter from the cag letter template so guess they are saying recordings and that sort of stuff
  15. Update well i messed up a bit provided them with the wrong account number, spotted this mistake myself on the 25th aug when i found a old letter from them anyway i sent them a fresh letter on the 25th basically a fresh SAR with a photocopy of my first sar and postal order the lot that i had sent them gave them the correct details they needed, and asked if they could take it from there. really thought they would say sod off to be honest, but i checked if the postal order had been cashed, which it had not, great And to my surprise i had a letter back dated the 27th Aug from Citi Basically saying no problems We are currently in the process of retrieving the relevant information. This will be sent to you in 40 calendar days. As per your request you can expect to receive the following information: > Your agreement/application form > Statements > All correspondence we hold > The personal details we hold on you > Account notes > Complaints information (if applicable) Some of the information you requested falls outside the provisions of the data protection act as it is not personal data. Therefore we will not be supplying this information within out response to you. Yours Faithfully Citifinacial Europe plc So besides the last bit all good i would say so far
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