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  1. Thanks for your help citizenB. ill let you know how this turns out. Thanks again.
  2. Hey Everyone,let me take you back to October 2013 when all this began. First off I'd had been with T mobile for many years but I was looking to cancel my contract with them to change over to o2,my contract with T-Mobile at the time was a two year (iPhone) contract,which was coming to an end either September 2013 or the start of October 2013. I decided to ring them up and explain the situation,that I was moving and there was no chance of me staying as one of my friends was getting me a great deal on an o2 contract,from what I remember from the phone conversation all I had to pay was the last months phone bill which I did and then the contract would end as it would not be renewed. I then purchased my o2 contract on the 16/10/2013 and transferred over my number from T mobile to o2. From this point I thought Id never see anything from T mobile again,until I get a bill on my doorstep of £91.57(£56.38 for line rental,termination penalty £13.78,notice period change £24.25)on the 27/10/2013,I chose just to simply ignore this probably not a good idea,but the employee on the phone said nothing about any of these charges. I then get an overdue balance reminder on the 13/11/13,same again on the 04/12/13,after the second one I decide to ring T mobile and explain,what i have explained to you,the women says i must write to head office so they can deal with it. Which I did not do,which probably was not a good idea. Then I get a letter from capquest on the 17/12/13 explaining that they now control the debt from T mobile and that the line will be terminated that really made me laugh as it had been canceled 3 months ago,so anyway I ring capquest and explain to them that I am still in depute with t mobile about the case and I am in the process of sending a letter to head office,he says no problem I well put a stop on the account. At this point I am thinking ill get round to it when I have time,which I don't,I do not hear nothing for 3 months so at this point I think that i have won and they must have removed it from the system or something. Until on the 21/06/2014 I get a letter from Wescot in big red letters with all the usual stuff,outstanding balance blah blah,so anyway I am now thinking well I am just not going to reply. I have now had letters from them on these dates. 01/07/2014 Reminder notice. 11/07/2014 25% Reduced settlement offer £87.22 that made me chuckle. 27/07/2014 options tailored to suit you. 07/08/2014 As we have not been able to contact you directly it is our intention to instruct a doorstep collection agency,Scotcall to conduct this face to face meeting. This is where I now have the problem as I live at home with parents and I do not really need this coming to my parents door step when I am not here to basically say well you're not coming in. So yeah I am not sure whether to just pay it or actually write to T mobile this time,or call up wescot and explain the situation. Help is greatly needed as soon as possible sorry for the long round about explanation but wanted to give you the whole situation. Thanks for reading. Mark B.
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