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  1. Thanks for the responses, it was 2 orders dated 20/01/2014 the first was for Amount owed =£298.49 Bailiff costs = £69.50 Total to pay =£367.69 the Second was for Amount Owed = £923.49 Bailiff costs = £64.00 Total to pay = £987.49 they came in on the 20/01/2014 he wrote down some goods on the forms and also told me i had to pay £120 on the day, I have a receipt to that saying: Amount paid £120 O/S Balance £1235.18 Costs £133.50 and i had agreed to pay £75 a month til the debt was cleared
  2. Sorry the debt is for council tax owed from last year. They came around yesturday when I was out and left a letter saying I had 24 hours to contact them, to pay or they will re-attend my property to remove my goods. I normally pay monthly to them via their website, but the bailif is saying I now have to pay him either cash or over the phone direct to him and NOT via the website. Kind regards Richard
  3. I set up a payment plan with Ross and Roberts then 5 months later a new company took over my work and they changed the date I get paid from the 20th of each month to the last working day, I told this to Ross and Roberts and said the can't change the agreement so now I have a bailif knocking my door saying instead of paying £75 I now need to pay £151 enforcement charge and the £75 for missing the payment, £226 in total but only the £75 comes off what I owe the £151 goes to them, surely this is extortion? Please help Kind regards Richard
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