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  1. There are many posts about One Call insurance but this seems to be the most recent one, so thought I'd post here.

    One Call are still as inefficient & greedy as ever & I wish I'd read some reviews before signing up with them.

    At first I thought their level of incompetence took some beating, but now I believe it is a clever stalling tactic in order to get more money out of you.

    We took out van insurance on 12th June. They demanded a massive amount of paperwork, which we duly set to providing. Despite having our email & phone number, all correspondence from them comes by letter sent 2nd class, demanding something be returned in 7 days when the letter has taken 5 to reach you. Any breach of this results in a £55 'admin charge'.

    We'd had enough by 1st July and rang to cancel our policy.

    Here is the tortuous timeline:

    1st July - I ring One Call, after yet more disputes over paperwork I cancel the policy. I was informed how much money I would get back, I agreed. All seems to be settled, I believe the policy is cancelled.

    2nd July - I take out alternative Van Insurance.

    I receive no correspondence from One Call for 2 weeks, so start to get worried. I ring on the 14th July and find out that they have not cancelled the policy. I cancel it AGAIN.

    14 July - One Call send the cancellation form to me in an email. This form states I will receive a return premium of £236.63. I fill in the form & return it, along with my new Insurance Certificate (showing start date 2 July) to prove I thought I had cancelled on 1st July.

    14 July - On the same date as they send my cancellation form, unbeknown to me they take £55 from my credit card!

    16 July - I receive a letter (dated 11 July) saying that they will take £55. It says this will be taken in 7 days (which would have been the 18th). The transaction date was in fact the 12th July & money was taken out on the 14th July - before I even received the letter.

    16 July - Have given up ringing as sick of being on hold for so long. Sent an email to complain & ask for confirmation of cancellation.

    17 July - Had a reply by email to confirm cancellation.

    11 August (today) - Letter arrives to say insurance policy is finally cancelled, but from the 15th July, not the 1st. Rather annoyed at this as you can imagine. It says we 'benefited' from 2 months cover, when in fact we had just 19 days (so would allow them 1 month at best).

    Despite having taken the additional £55 AFTER I had cancelled, this letter (dated 7th August) has reduced the repayment to £214.48.

    So, the stress continues and I'm not free of them yet, but please keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully it will all be over soon.

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