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  1. Original creditors in respect of Marlin are MBNA x2 and Yorkshire Bank CCj's date back to 2009 Cabot obtained judgement in their own name in 2012. Believe original debt was with CitiBank dating back to about 2007
  2. I am still awaiting court copies of the CCJ’s but I have now obtained a credit report from Experian. The search from Registry Trust reveals 4 CCJ’s which are listed as unsatisfied. Cross checking the reference numbers with the Experian report, I find that the claimants were MBNA (2), Cabot Finance, and Yorkshire Bank. Whilst the MBNA debts appear in the Experian report there is no mention of Yorkshire Bank. Leaving aside Cabot Finance for the moment, it would seem that the MBNA and Yorkshire Bank debts have been assigned (presumably bought by) Marlin F
  3. Thanks for your replies - especially Bandit127 Will update you when I have more info
  4. Hi dx100uk Thanks for the quick reply. Optima client is ME 111 Ltd Don't have any details of CCJ's so would not be able to get copies. Would rather not contact Optima until am more certain of my facts.
  5. Hello everyone I desperately need some advice regarding a problem I have arising more from misplaced trust and naivety than financial mismanagement. Last week I received two letters from a firm called Optima Legal telling me I had an outstanding balance of £6572.62 on one account and £3905.61 on another. Furthermore, CCJ’s against me have been obtained. They say they have been trying without success to contact me and have now given me 14 days to complete an income and expenditure account and make an offer of payment or a court order to attend for interview under oat
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