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  1. The only contract i see is in english, which is the invoice the only terms (not called terms on the invoice) is that it says pay within a certain date, saying that they emailed and called asking for the money 3 months after the date that is on the invoice. From the thread i posted earlier it said uk DC companies could buy the debts from overseas and they maybe enforceable? so just to check when you say DC companies can do nothing, they cant take you to court? serve papers, get a ccj against uk? a uk based company?
  2. think there maybe some confusion i was just replying to your comment about being on here 4 years to make it clear in 4 years ive used the site only once to defend a parking fine which i won in court my question is about the jurisdiction which i found a thread on this site that seemed to say they could happily sell the debt to a uk dc agency and chase me here for it https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?250889-Can-I-Be-Sued-For-An-Overseas-Debt-correct-as-at-22.09.2015
  3. ok thanks is the jurisdiction of a uk court on a foreign debt some sort of legally binding thing? or an opinion? I dont post much most of my posts were about a parking fine i got and eventually after 4 years i won the case in court so thought i would come back as you guys have the insights thank you again
  4. any particular reason? would love to know where i stand legally with the way they have proceeded finding it hard to find anything in regards to invoices and overseas etc thank you
  5. I have had issues before posting names where they took info from the threads so didnt think it was best posting the names? that was in relation to a parking offence though ...? dont mind sending it or whatever is best? they have my details as in name address phone etc and they sent me an invoice so i presume i gave them i dont have a copy of what the original message was, it may have been through their website The person i spoke to agreed they bought the company after all this happened and they have no records of the calls I received the invoice on 02/06 I then got an email on 01/09 straight after a call stating the following "We have unfortunately still not received your payment for the ticket. If we do not receive this payment by the start of next week, we will have to give your ticket to someone else. Hope to hear from you. Regards," I then replied saying that i wouldnt be able to attend along with a call to the same effect which was agreed, they asked me to put it in writing which i did. on 01/09 - that was the end of it till this letter thank you
  6. Hi All, I enquired about a ticket for an event in Amsterdam last year through a Danish company, they sent me an invoice for 445euros and I decided not to go. They phoned me and resent the invoice to which I replied that I would not be attending. They sent me an email stating that if I didn't pay they would be offering the ticket to someone else and I responded saying its fine I am not coming. Then a year later I get a letter from a UK debt collection agency - is it just me or is this as ridiculous as it sounds? I tried to speak to them on the phone but they are ridiculous and seem to feel justified that I hadnt cancelled it in time and they were ok to pursue me.
  7. Actually a great point I forgot to mention - thanks first of all, I stopped posting here, I made up a user name and posted elsewhere due to park without ease threatening use of the screenshots of the forum as evidence (which they did) but the conveniently cut out a bit they liked (at the time i had no clue what i was in for so it worried me). In the end I used the forum posting myself as part of the defence, as stated in the first post, i never parked in the car park - i parked on a grass verge outside the car park - what I would like to say is, be careful what you post online in your username, mainly because idiots harass you via email and stalk your LinkedIn and social media (if they are somehow connected) to help them bully you into paying. BTW all of the forum stuff was no use the judge was not interested didn't read any of it. the main reason i came back to post was to help people understand the fears that these bullies put you under, how it's easier to give in and pay but that if you persist - you can win
  8. Well its been 3 long years almost since this happened and today was the court date! what a complete joke! Firstly they didn't send the witness statement to me as per the courts directions a set date and time in fact they didn't send it at all when arrived at court I pointed out there was no claimant witness statement when the judge asked the solicitor why she said she didn't know why, gladstones sent someone who didn't seem to know the ins and outs of the case or what it was she was arguing - I thought this was surely my ticket for a dismissal. The judge suggested I accepted it now and took 10 mins outside the court to read it - I was a bit nervous I read it more meaningless nonsense from flagman . I went back in asked that the WS was not admitted as evidence and that the case be dismissed due to the fact they hadn't complied with the courts directions - the judge ignored me and proceeded anyway. Which I was a bit taken back by - surely it should have been thrown out at that point... as they got into it, the judge didn't seem to know much about parking, he wasn't interested in pofa, and their non-compliance, he did know that Gladstones and the IPC are one in the same though. He pulled up the solicitor on why fatman had not appeared himself, and on lots of legal points that were not clear, said they have little argument and the solicitor couldn't answer most of his questions, he stated that if fatman himself would have shown up, he could question him. What got it dismissed was that I didn't go into the car park, I took a pic and used it as part of my defence as to where I had parked and he said that there was no contract map showing where they had the right to operate therefore the case would be dismissed, also the fact that most answers about their case were responded to with 'dont know' by their solicitor, the fact fatman didnt turn up, and the lack of clarity on it all. The court would only award me 1/2 days costs? lol this was a joke considering all the 3 years of nightmare this company had caused with their attempts to bully me into paying. I didn't get much chance to speak but I didn't need to , it went on for about 40 mins though was not a fun time for me, but all in all glad it's over . to mr fatman proper scandal that one!! bullying people for money getting them to pay up based on fear of the courts, of what might happen, its just as bad as mugging someone or robbery. if anyone can update the thread title to WON! that would be great, look forward to my cheque in the post and having a nice meal out and a toast to jonathon thanks to David at ppa for all the help and direction, even at the end of the day without the the money it was worth it to write this
  9. Gladstones it's the second letter I've had from them first one was just some bullying letter. Which I replied to with a short paragraph telling them to stop contracting me as pwe had not followed pofa but now got LBC.
  10. This has now progressed to a letter before action. I Guess my questions are this 1 does this thread count as evidence they have already claimed to have screenshot it, so i am not trying to hide it even though I was simply gathering info on here they have suggested because i said "1" was the driver thats admission they need to prosecute 2 does the fact i never entered the car park matter? i have pics of where i parked, there are no signs, its before their car park it was a busy day and i parked where directed by the nature reserve staff what do i do next? if 1 is yes, does that mean its best to pay them? regardless of 2?
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