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  1. Hi Thank you, I have arranged a call, but just wanted to be armed with the facts in advance, my main point of question is, 1 should there be a hollow sound - I guess not, but if there is, does it constitute a fault on the installation, and to rectify does it need to be done again, or can it be fixed? if they are to be fixed, at what point do you remove everything presuming it will get worse and was not done right, or just spot fix 20 tiles out of 120 ? thank you
  2. Hi by independent report, do you mean another surveyor? I am guessing it makes sense to speak to my own surveyor first to see their position on it. IE they may not be happy with it either who knows. The tiles were installed late Jan, the heating was not turned on till 3 week post install, I noticed the fault a week ago, 8-10 weeks I guess in total. - I do not have dates sorry.
  3. Hi, the tiles were £40/sqm and the installation was £45/sqm. Yes the builder is the company who did the job, they brought in a tiling company to install, they sent me to their tile supplier and I picked the tiles paid the shop directly. thank you.
  4. Hi all, I've finally had my new tiles fitted, after the previous ones all came loose, hollow. Over time I've spoke to so many surveyors and learned a little about tiling. I ended up tiling the whole of my house a long with some other work, the job was speced by a surveyor and sent for tender to a few builders the company have been great and only a small part of the large sum owed has been requested. 6 weeks post install I have 20% hollow tiles already. They are plank style but not cheap ones, they were put down with a full bed on a screed, and the ufh was o
  5. The only contract i see is in english, which is the invoice the only terms (not called terms on the invoice) is that it says pay within a certain date, saying that they emailed and called asking for the money 3 months after the date that is on the invoice. From the thread i posted earlier it said uk DC companies could buy the debts from overseas and they maybe enforceable? so just to check when you say DC companies can do nothing, they cant take you to court? serve papers, get a ccj against uk? a uk based company?
  6. think there maybe some confusion i was just replying to your comment about being on here 4 years to make it clear in 4 years ive used the site only once to defend a parking fine which i won in court my question is about the jurisdiction which i found a thread on this site that seemed to say they could happily sell the debt to a uk dc agency and chase me here for it https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?250889-Can-I-Be-Sued-For-An-Overseas-Debt-correct-as-at-22.09.2015
  7. ok thanks is the jurisdiction of a uk court on a foreign debt some sort of legally binding thing? or an opinion? I dont post much most of my posts were about a parking fine i got and eventually after 4 years i won the case in court so thought i would come back as you guys have the insights thank you again
  8. any particular reason? would love to know where i stand legally with the way they have proceeded finding it hard to find anything in regards to invoices and overseas etc thank you
  9. I have had issues before posting names where they took info from the threads so didnt think it was best posting the names? that was in relation to a parking offence though ...? dont mind sending it or whatever is best? they have my details as in name address phone etc and they sent me an invoice so i presume i gave them i dont have a copy of what the original message was, it may have been through their website The person i spoke to agreed they bought the company after all this happened and they have no records of the calls I received the invoice on 02/06 I then got an email o
  10. Hi All, I enquired about a ticket for an event in Amsterdam last year through a Danish company, they sent me an invoice for 445euros and I decided not to go. They phoned me and resent the invoice to which I replied that I would not be attending. They sent me an email stating that if I didn't pay they would be offering the ticket to someone else and I responded saying its fine I am not coming. Then a year later I get a letter from a UK debt collection agency - is it just me or is this as ridiculous as it sounds? I tried to speak to them on the phone but they are ridiculous
  11. Actually a great point I forgot to mention - thanks first of all, I stopped posting here, I made up a user name and posted elsewhere due to park without ease threatening use of the screenshots of the forum as evidence (which they did) but the conveniently cut out a bit they liked (at the time i had no clue what i was in for so it worried me). In the end I used the forum posting myself as part of the defence, as stated in the first post, i never parked in the car park - i parked on a grass verge outside the car park - what I would like to say is, be caref
  12. how would i have been 250£ better off and wound it up sooner?
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